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What Earth Day can Teach Us about Green Consumerism

The past year has been dismal for us all, however, we are slowly getting back on track partly thanks to our tech-driven society. Industry leaders have confirmed that key market trends will impact the industry, hence incorporating those relevant trends into your business strategy as well as personal life will have a meaningful impact.

One of those relevant E-commerce trends that is fast catching on is ‘green consumerism’.

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Stayr’s Earth Day Initiative

At Stayr, our team prioritises a sustainable lifestyle by choosing eco-friendly alternatives such as reusable metal straws, cups, water bottles, and other everyday items. When it comes to the environment, every small thing counts.

Take a look at what we did for Earth Hour here!

Since Earth Day has just passed, we would like to pinpoint what it can teach us about green consumerism:

Shift Towards Green Consumerism & Sustainability

Gone are the days when only selective brands were associated with green consumerism. Consumers and businesses are now conscious about the environment, and the detrimental effect ignoring it can have — on everyone’s future on the planet. Going paperless, and using biodegradable packaging and recycling supplies has become common among businesses and consumers. As per the Harvard Business Review, 65% of buyers want to make purchases from brands that focus on being sustainable.

Sustainability in Singapore: Viable or Not?

Source: National Environment Agency

In an affluent country where mobile commerce is rampant, consumerism is natural. The common belief that material goods equal social status is widespread, and while consumer spending does boost the economy, the effect it has on the environment is nothing short of devastating. Increased consumer demand leads to a depletion of resources, and also contributes to high waste generation.

The Semakau Landfill was expanded to meet Singapore’s waste disposal needs, but this remains a short-term solution. Since economic growth is important to Singapore, green consumerism is the ideal solution. By encouraging people to purchase environment-friendly products, it promotes the goal of responsible consumerism. Hence, sustainability in Singapore is possible, and initiatives such as Singapore’s Green Label Scheme (SGLS) help consumers identify eco-friendly products while simultaneously paving the way for businesses to adapt to the demand for greener products.

Thanks to the Energy Labelling Scheme, consumers will be able to look at the estimated energy cost and energy consumption per annual. This in turn will lead to the availability of more energy-efficient products in the market.

Singapore’s Green Plan 2030


This recently launched plan will aid in creating a more sustainable future for all and includes different sectors such as infrastructural development, research, and innovation, as well as training programmes. Backed by 5 ministries, which include the Ministries of Education, National Development, Sustainability, Environment, Trade and Industry, and Transport, this plan will strengthen Singapore’s economy, climate, and resources, and also bring new business and job opportunities. Its five pillars include: ‘City in Nature, Sustainable Living, Energy Reset, Green Economy, and Resilient Future.’

Moving Towards a Greener Future

As part of its commitments under the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Singapore is moving towards a greener future. By 2030, 20 percent of schools are expected to be carbon neutral, and there will be a 50 percent increase in natural parkland, where activities such as hiking or birdwatching will be accessible to everyone. Besides this, low-carbon alternatives will be rolled out, and programmes such as the new Enterprise Sustainability Programme will help Singaporean firms develop capabilities.

Being sustainable means being responsible. This movement will change the way people live, work, study, and play, and will impact society in a major way. Do your bit towards creating a greener and safer future for everyone by adopting sustainable solutions today!

Stayr’s Commitment

At Stayr, we understand the significance of Earth Day and are always eager to do our bit to promote eco-friendly measures. Our real-time, hourly booking system for spaces helps you save on time and money, and also helps hotels and facilities gain more revenue and utilise their spaces more efficiently. Learn more about Stayr today!



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