TRIBE is about freedom

When we started Geekhut in 2015, it was due to our need to be bi-coastal. As a tech company we had to travel between NYC and SF and having a home in both cities was wasteful and expensive.

We could have used hotels and Airbnbs, however the value proposition of the former was lacking, while the guarantee of a consistent service of the latter was simply not there yet.

This became more evident when we would add other cities to the mix: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington D.C., Tokyo.

You quickly learn to minimize your luggage, carry as little weight as possible, and by the time you know it, you’re down to a carryon and a backpack. And you no longer have a home, a place where you keep your things.

And it is liberating.

You can make travel as painless as possible, but what about when you reach your destination, will you call that home? Home is more than a place where you store your personal belongings. It is a sense of belonging, and an expectation of having your basic needs met.

This need for consistent accommodation designed for the digital nomad but comfortable for everyone, from the traveling executive to the family in town for the holidays, is why we’ve built Geekhut.

But as we grow outside of the Silicon Valley area and explore other areas of interest for our guests, we’ve outgrown the techie name.

Our scope grew, as did our international traveler base, and the need for a lifestyle brand that resonates with our beliefs and values, and that is easy to remember and pronounce, was evident.

Today we bring you TRIBE.