STB Roundup v.7

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Seven weeks of roundups already. STB is only four months old and it’s been quite the journey. Three people, three different backgrounds, three unique perspectives. We’re a diverse team with a wide range of views. We have one thing in common: generating mad growth for us, and our clients.

The roundup is where we bring those views together to show you what we’re liking and learning from. There’s a load of content out there to choose between: start here, and you’ll be on a good path.

Podcast fan? We are. Cut the Crap is a favourite of ours. It’s designed for people who don’t have time to read all the books they wish they could, but want the “golden nuggets” from the world’s brightest business minds.

The Cut the Crap Podcast, by Ryan Caligiuri.

What’s fascinating is that you see the podcast develop and pivot as you progress through it. It’s a great look into challenging yourself to always give your audience the best. We’d suggest starting with ‘The Upside of your Darkside’.

Writing for eCommerce can seem like an utter pain in the ass. There is so much advice out there for SaaS and tech companies. eCommerce has been discarded like the unfashionable weirdo.

Ecommerce Writing: 7 Killer Steps to Ranking Content Like a Boss will show you how to write eCommerce content like the pros.

Facebook Reactions. We don’t need to tell you what they are. They’ve been around for a while and you’re not here to learn how to Like your best friend’s memes.

Facebook Reactions. Pride reacts only, please.

You’ve even used the pride react (because it’s awesome). What you want to know is how reactions impact the feed. We love Hootsuite, but skip to the last section of this blog. You don’t need the rest.

And finally, straight out of the innovation files: I promise you this isn’t out of Silicon Valley. Well, it is. But not the Hooli/Pied Piper/Eric Bachman Silicon Valley that you’d expect.

This very innovative tech company has accidentally invented the bus. The directions they provide are particularly amazing.

It’s not unimaginable that there would be people in Silicon Valley that would actually need introducing to the concept of a bus. All jokes aside, this service might just work.

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s to stopping the bullshit.

Quick sidenote: huge respect to Travis Kalanick. You’ll be back. You’ve built a team that’ll do what’s right, despite bumps along the way.

As Margaret Ann-Seger said: “Uber is not perfect. But the positive impact you’ve had on this company, and the world, is truly inspirational. Thanks to the OG Builder.”

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