The STB Roundup, V.5

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Welcome to the 5th edition of the STB roundup. We always try to make reading and learning a habit, even when shit gets busy.. We suggest you do the same. The competition doesn’t rest, and neither should you.

Here are some of the pieces that stood out to us in the first week of June, 2017.

Lesson #1: You don’t need permission to be a leader.

Recognizing times in life where you can be a leader, regardless of your position, is a powerful mentality. Take action, lead by example, and you’ll earn the power to inspire those around you.

“Leadership isn’t about what we do for a living; it’s simply about what we do. The distinction is critical because true leadership inspires hope.”

Lesson #2: Black hat SEOs are masters of ethical rationalization.

Jeff Deutsch was once a Google spammer making over $50k USD a month with 10 hours of work. This is a great article on self-reflection and it serves as a warning that you shouldn’t always do something just because you can.

Lesson #3: Women should build allies and find their voice in business.

It’s no secret that we’re a fan of diversity at STB. We know the business world isn’t perfect (by any means), but we’re always keen to learn how we can make it better, for everyone. Meetings are a good place to put some of that talk into action.

Lesson #4: Anxiety is real, and we can all benefit from management techniques.

Anxiety hits everyone, at one point or another. Get ahead of it by reading about these techniques, and you’ll be set next time you start to feel the pressure rise.

Lesson #5: How to Choose the Right Instagram Bot for Your Brand

We couldn’t call ourselves hustlers if we didn’t plug one of our own articles in the STB Roundup. The landscape of Instagram automation is rapidly changing, so it’s a topic we often come back to. Even though we published this piece just 4 days ago, one service we recommended was shut down. You have to move fast to keep up with Instagram and we can help you stay current.

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