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3rd Quantitative Arbitrage Now Open to All Users

Bitcoin has been taking investors on quite a roller coaster ride within a week, surging past $44,000 and falling below $40,000, and even inching closer to $39,000 due to the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War and Fed raising rates aggressively in coming months.

Catering to our investors’ varying risk appetite, Steaker has launched our 3rd Quantitative Arbitrage Portfolio. While the previous term of this portfolio was restricted to Wagyu VIPs, this time we extend the range of investors and allow EVERY steaker user to subscribe to this portfolio, which is open to subscription from today to 2022/04/20 23:59 (UTC+8), providing you with a unique arbitrage opportunity to make returns in this fluctuating market.

The 3rd Quantitative Arbitrage Portfolio will tap into Funding Rates and Spot-Futures Arbitrage as a trading-strategy package. This portfolio will operate on an AI-based algorithm developed by a group of highly-trained crypto veterans, supervising the real-time conditions of over 400 markets 24/7, seeking a wide range of arbitrage opportunities, and strictly controlling risks.

This portfolio has a stop-loss protection mechanism, whereby the maximum loss you will sustain is 15%. The historical performance of this portfolio can be viewed here.

About 3rd Quantitative Arbitrage

  • Subscription Period: 2022/04/14 16:00~2022/04/20 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Subscription Qualification: None
  • Minimum Investment: 1,000 USDⓢ
  • Total Subscription Cap: 1,000,000 USDⓢ
  • Supported Currencies: USDT, USDC, BUSD, and DAI
  • Contract Period: 6months
  • Start Time: 2022/04/21 15:00 (UTC+8)
  • Penalty Fee: 10% of initial funds
  • Maximum Loss: 15% of initial funds
  • Incentive Fee: 20% of interests
  • Management Fee: 1% of initial funds
  • Redemption Fee: 0.2 % of settlement amount


Quantitative Arbitrage is placed with a 15% stop-loss mechanism. As the trigger point is reached, we will immediately stop the portfolio and notify the investors. Steaker will deduct the necessary fees and return the settlement amount to your Steaker account within three working days.




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