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Maximize your profits by Green Chia, the new eco-friendly cryptocurrency in town.

Speaking of the trending topics for May, you definitely will not want to miss the new Chia cryptocurrency, which is also known as “green money for a digital world.” Steaker is launching Green Chia to maximize profits through real-time signal trading, seeing the potential in Chia and its energy-efficient value proposition. The minimum investment is 3,000 USDⓢ, while the total application is capped at 1,000,000 USDⓢ. From now until 2021/06/03 23:59 (UTC+8), add some Green Chia to your asset portfolio!

Chia Network adopts a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Space and Time. Unlike most cryptocurrencies that consume heavy computer calculations and electricity, users can mine Chia coins leveraging hard drive storage space. The idea of removing the environmental impact that Bitcoin has caused and creating a more eco-friendly, stable, and secure blockchain network was strongly supported by various venture capitalists. On the first trading day, Chia’s opening price of 300 USDT soared by more than eight times. If you believe in Chia Network’s sustainable vision as well, join Green Chia at its early stage.

About Green Chia

  • Application Period: 2021/05/25 15:00~2021/06/04 23:59 (UTC+8)
  • Application Eligibility: None
  • Minimum Investment: 3,000 USDⓢ
  • Maximum Application Limit: None
  • Total Application Cap: 1,000,000 USDⓢ
  • Supported Currency: USDT, USDC, and DAI
  • Contract Period: 6 months
  • Project Start Time: 2021/06/05 15:00 (UTC+8)
  • Penalty: -10% of the original investment amount
  • Stop-loss: None
  • Incentive Fee: 10% of interests
  • Management Fee: 1% of the original investment amount
  • Redemption Fee: 0.2 % of settlement amount


  • Please carefully consider your risk appetite before making investment decisions, especially when Green Chia is designed without a stop-loss.
  • If you deposit after the application period, our system will automatically deduct 15 USDⓢ as a processing fee and transfer the received amount to your Steaker Account. Please pay attention to the deposit deadline to safeguard your rights.




A new digital economy - Make crypto investment easy

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A new digital economy. Makes crypto investment easy | 數位世代的獲利新選擇 — 輕鬆配置加密貨幣資產。

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