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Wagyu VIP Program Update: More Levels with Added Bonuses

According to users’ feedback from interviews conducted in Q1, Steaker has decided to make a few minor adjustments to our Wagyu VIP program as of 2022/03/31 at 17:00 (UTC+8) to express our gratitude for all VIP members’ unflagging support.

In regard to the updated version, we have added levels “A4 Wagyu” and “A5 Wagyu,” whose thresholds for minimum assets required are higher, plus we have introduced more unique bonuses such as better redemption fees discounts and fee-free withdrawals.

Steaker is planning to hold a whole lot of on-site events and forge broader alliances with other sectors in the foreseeable future as the COVID-19 is slowing down so as to continue strengthening the bonds with our users. Moreover, Wagyu VIPs from A3 to A5 will receive priority access to a wide variety of events held by Steaker.

For more information with regard to the update of Wagyu VIP program, please refer to the following table.


  • The level of your account will be assessed at 08:00 (UTC+8) per day when it will be adjusted to the corresponding Wagyu level according to your total assets. For more information, please check “Wagyu VIP program”.
  • Steaker reserves the right to interpret, revise, modify or cancel the Wagyu VIP program. Matters such as membership tier should be coped with in accordance to the updated version.
  • For regulations of redemption fee discounts please refer to related News; for regulations of fee-free withdrawals, please refer to “Wagyu VIP program”.
  • Buying and selling accounts and transferring accounts to someone else are strictly prohibited. If verified, the accounts will be frozen.



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