Saidi’s Part:

This tale, separate in many ways from my first story brings me to a different role and new involvement altogether. This connection will once and for all bridge the gap of human limitations. They’ll follow me like a ray of sun that moves from room to room until the magnificence disappears.

La-Muse-from the Terrace.


With all the deep-seated thoughts of her present circumstances with a new mission in life, Cat remembered writing in college. She saw herself sitting in front of the computer, set up on the dormitory desk with barely any room to spread out other research books. She enjoyed the solitude while her roommate, as well as the whole campus, slept.

She gazed carefully at the computer drawing a blank on what to write, how to even get started with this college paper. She continued typing and retyping and blinked in the glare of the screen as she tried to focus on the task. As an undergraduate, her dual major in journalism and biology allowed her to write about marine biology, the profession she would work within eventually.

Argh, this crazy paper, it might just end my college days if I don’t finish it. Her mind wandered to her first real exposure to biology at summer camp. Her mind wandered still to Shenser. With the paper due the next day, and she glimpsed at the time visible on the upper corner of her screen, and cringed. Sorry, my love, I don’t have time to think about you.

In the light of that she thought this report didn’t matter as much as her thoughts or rephrasing her daydreams, of Shenser. She found she’d go in spurts of thinking about him. When the Shenser spell hit, sometimes it would last for weeks on end, stuck in a familiar time-warp.

Get real girl. I’m not going to get over him, so why don’t I incorporate him into my term paper. Hey, I know, Shenser I’m going to make you my muse.

With that, she posed her fingers on the keyboard and started clicking. The paper itself didn’t matter whether, for her philosophy class or any class, she had similar struggles. She now could incorporate her research into her paper, and it flowed as easily as a child sweeping down a water slide into a pool.

Despite appearances, once Cat found this conduit she could write anything. Now, she never procrastinated because she never knew for sure when that muse would carry her.

She felt a similar feeling on this remote viewing team, and in the process of learning the techniques that Gage taught them as a group. Hmm, when it comes down to seeing objects and things clearly, can I perform? Will anybody? I’ll probably struggle like with the college papers? It dawned on her, unless I find another muse. She reached into her pocket where she kept the gold locket tucked away. Nah, working around Shenser hasn’t helped me learn the next steps to this ‘find Saidi game.’ But maybe her necklace can help my intuition?

As a result of finding the key to writing her college papers, damned if she didn’t sport that ability all the way through college. Though, when she read the entire paper starting with the first sentence clear through to the end, she admitted it sounded good but had nothing to do with any talent on her part. Yup, yup, it’s my well-used crutch. Well Shenser, I hope I’m not wearing you out from overuse.

But to her delight it worked, she wrote amazingly well. It sure beat the opposite, hours after hours of working hard with nothing to show for her diligence.

Remote Viewing1 on


Dr. Nemo answered Shenser’s call in response to finding Saidi. He imagined the enormous possibilities scanning the distant corners of the universe with competition speed. He delighted in perchance seeing his friend Saidi once again.

He took an involuntary step back in his mind and hesitated, though looking Shenser straight in the eye on the monitor the entire time. When silence filled the air, Shenser finally said, “Please tell me your thoughts doctor?”

Shenser peered at the psychiatrist from the screen as he sat rigidly then his disquiet faded. Finally, his eagerness bounded out like a restrained dog. Thinking about it further he said, “Sure, I’ll join your team. I’ll include it in my occasional work over at the palace.”

“Great,” Shenser said, “Currently the project will function at the palace. But we might move to another facility down the road. We’ll see later.”


Stealing Eternity is the (first draft of the) second book in the Infinite Series.

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