A Marketing Tip For NonWriters

If marketing is something you need to do more of, I found another kickass Phoenix company that can help you. It’s a podcasting app called ZCast that allows you to podcast straight from your phone or computer, record, and share with your followers. It’s a huge improvement over other podcasting platforms I have been on, most of which require an elaborate studio setup.

In case you haven’t noticed, podcasts are a thing. In fact, they are often called the new radio — available on demand and on a wide variety of subjects. Probably the most listened-to podcast in the world was Serial’s first season, but podcasts come in a range of sizes and subjects. Most industry media sites already have them as part of a larger content marketing strategy.

According to the latest research from InfiniteDial, 65% of Americans are aware of podcasts, 40% have listened at least once, and 65 million (24%) listen every month. I listen to a couple of dozen podcasts a week myself, mostly when I’m driving, walking the dog, or going to sleep at night: they range from politics to plant-based nutrition, to technology to spirituality.

If you still need convincing, to try this at home, I found this podcast on Jay Baer’s Convince and Convert site. Jay, who used to be a Phoenician but has gone on to greater glory somewhere in the midwest, has an episode with Bob Knorpp of the Cool Beans Marketing Group about how podcasting might be the most underrated content marketing strategy. I’m inclined to agree.

I’m also a regular guest on a couple of podcasts, one called FIR, hosted by Shel Holtz and intended for people in the media business, and one called G3, hosted by Tina Gillmor and always a lively panel discussion about tech by women in the know.

Because professional podcasts are beginning to do quite well financially through ad support, I’m thinking it may be time for individuals and businesses who have something to say to think about starting a podcast. This will replace my old advice, which is that most businesses should start a blog.

That advice had only a modicum of followers, because busy people are often too busy to take the time to write. Also most people can’t write, or at least think they can’t write. And that’s where podcasting comes in. A podcast can take as little as a half hour to do, and can be a part of your content marketing strategy that either replaces or ideally complements your blog.

Before you reject this idea as unwieldy to execute, go to ZCast (https://zcast.co), because it is free. Then sign in with Twitter. You can schedule a cast, and then decide what you want to talk about. You can also add guest speakers to your podcast.

After you record, you can share your cast, and put a link to the cast on your website. You can also link it to iTunes and GooglePlay to be listed on their podcasting directories. ZCast is an all-in-one mobile podcasting system, that can simplify the efforts of anyone who wants to do more content marketing in less time.

If you want help getting started, raz@zcast.co is your contact.