Apple is Dead to Me Now

Apple’s legendary customer service no longer exists. Remember the joy of the retail stores with their geniuses and their well-trained, eager employees? That was then, this is now.

Three years ago, I leased a MacBook Air. I leased it from the Business Team at the Biltmore Apple Store, near my home. It was a wonderful machine, and I happily used it for two years. At the end of the time, I called to see if I owned it at the end of the lease, and Apple Financial told me I had a “fair market value” lease and that the fair market value of the lease was $700. I had a choice: return the machine or continue to pay on it. I decided not to upgrade, waiting for the new Airs. They never came.

Every month Apple sends me a bill, and every month I pay it. However, this month I leased a new MacBook and decided to return the old Air. I might as well have set out to find the Holy Grail.

This day has been a nightmare, spend all day long either at the Apple Store or on hold on the phone, trying to find a way to give the Air back.

  1. Apple Financial told me I could return it to the place I got it, which was the Biltmore store.
  2. I went to the Biltmore store, carrying the machine.
  3. The “business team” representative in the store didn’t even bother to come out to talk to me.
  4. The drone came back and gave me a phone number to call to return the machine. He said they couldn’t take it in the store, even as a courtesy to a business customer.
  5. The number the drone gave me was a vacant number at Liberty Mutual, so…
  6. I left the store, still carrying the machine, and went home.
  7. I spent a few minutes trying to find a number at Support on the Apple site that would be the logical department to talk to.
  8. I dialed, and got put on hold.
  9. A man finally answered, told me would “get to the bottom of this for me,” and then put me back on hold.

10. After a while, I heard the dreaded words “please hold while we transfer your call,” and I was back on another hold. Different music.

11. After a while, a man answered the call and said, “Biltmore Apple Store” and I didn’t explode. I repeated this story. He told me he could definitely help me, and asked if he could put me on hold while he talked to the business team.

12.When he returned, he had another number for me, and he said he had already tried it. I thanked him.

13. I dialed it and this message came on: “due to the high volume of calls, this line is no longer taking messages. To leave a message, call xxx-xxx-xxxx.

What would you do?

I’m keeping the machine. Let them come get me. Their “Business Team” might as well be the disengaged employees of any other Fortune 500 companies. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Fortune 500 companies.

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