IOS v. Android? Your Call

One of the reasons people don’t adopt Google Pixel phones or Project FI in greater numbers is that there’s no retail store in case you need support. Apple has those Apple stores and the Genius Bar, which has been so well marketed that everyone’s afraid to switch if they have a luxury phone.

Well, I do have a GooglePixel and Project Fi, and I am here to tell you that I no longer have that fear.

This morning I noticed that my phone was not receiving SMS messages or phone calls. I think it hasn’t been doing so since I got it, but it never was important before this morning, when I failed to receive a message at 5:00 AM.

So I contacted Google support, and chose chat as my option. For over 30 minutes, two Google support reps, Rick and Sri, guided me through the process of getting my Google Voice number transferred correctly to ProjectFi, which apparently had not happened from my online order. That was why I couldn’t get SMS messages or phone calls.

I literally drove to a physical therapy appointment with Sri on the line waiting for me to get there so I could have someone else call me to make sure the phone worked. He simply said, “I’ll stay with you until this is fixed.”

When you consider that Apple has now pretty much triaged most people out of the Genius Bar to the same chat or call options, their support is pretty much the same. Which for me, eliminates what used to be a major difference.

The other major difference was always the apps that weren’t available on Android. That difference has vanished as well. I find that even on the iPhone I am using Google Assistant rather than Siri and the entire suite of Google Apps. I’ve got all the Apple apps off in a folder, because I really don’t like them. Gmail was the gateway drug, and that was a long time ago.

I know, Robert and Shel, there’s a third difference, and that’s ARKit. But Google has now released its own AR tools. I have both phones, just in time to compare them. (And yes, AR apps will run on my iPhone 7s+ and my Pixel 1.)

I’ll let you know after Sept. 12 if I see any other differences.

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