Intro thoughts on STEAM and art

It’s almost time for me to move to Istanbul to be a part of the small STEAM-team there! I am beyond excited to not only have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city, but to work with such a beautiful early childhood educational method and such wonderful people!

For the past three years I have been working in schools in Buffalo, New York, teaching everything from English to art to gardening. There is a local STEM club at my public school. The projects that are created by these students are incredible! They engineer bridge models, conduct science experiments and use advanced computer skills. They learn because they enjoy the STEM method that gives them the freedom to excel and be creative. I love the STEM method, but, as an artist, I am particularly excited to add the “A” (art) that you find in STEAM. Integrating art into every accademic subject better allows the left and right brain to work together and creates a more holistic style of learning. I have enjoyed learning to teach many subjects through art. Whether it looks like drawing the geometric shapes of a face, creating flash cards in English class, or dancing the alphabet, I have found art to open many children’s minds to learning.

Thank you for coming with me on this journey! Please feel free to share any ideas or thoughts.


For an interesting read on art integration and the importance of early childhood education, the following link may be helpful: