First thoughts

In December 2016 I found an article about the differences between UI and UX designers. I had problem to understand these different roles in the digital design world and honestly I still have these confusions. Every designer or company creates their own version. A lot of roles are overlapping. So I decided to stick to the designer for digital products.

So regarding the article about comparison, it was well written and gave answers for some of my questions. If a job for UX designer exists, it would be a good match for me. The article did it’s job and navigated me to the course, what was offered by the site. I found it interesting. A mentor guided course, which takes half a year to complete. During this time I will be designing one product. I like when I can use the theory learnt on a real problem.

During those cold winter days I was still considering to stop learning design and continue my career as a developer. I forgot why I wanted to become a designer. This article was a kind of reminder.

On my professional projects I could never create a product, which improved lives and brought joy to the users. Solving problems meant for me enhancing life experiences by creating not just functional, but delightful things, whatever it is. Everyone deserves it and yet we struggle so much with man made technology.

I spent few days thinking about what I want and I made a decision. This time I won’t stop until I did not make the career change. The course needed a big commitment, but that was ok for me.

The product what students design in this course is a task manager. The topic can be changed, I wanted to stick to it, as earlier I myself started to code a task manager app.

What I did not like in the product was the name of this app. I was thinking a lot about how I should call it. Then I thought, so this task manager will be there for teams as a tool, which helps to achieve goals — destinations. From there came the transport analogy and the name Steamboat.

I dedicated this space to be my course diary, where I will write about lessons learned, discoveries, thoughts and the entire design process.