I Explained Steemit and Busy.org Using This Analogy

This morning as I threw up my arms and exclaimed, “Busy.org is here! It’s a dream! It’s like Steve Jobs has returned from the grave to make blockchain tech sexy!”

I realized that my mother and daughter had no idea what I was talking about. I struggled to explain it, then it hit me: Busy and Steemit are different train companies that use the same tracks and the same magic coal. The tracks represent the blockchain and the magic coal is STEEM. Then I was able to explain it quite easily to them. My mom understood! It was one of those EUREKA! moments.

​Let’s explore this in more depth.

Dan Larimer is the engineer who created both the train tracks and the magic coal which powers both trains.

Dan Larimer

Dan worked tirelessly for years trying to figure out how to build both the train tracks and the magic coal. The recipe for the coal took more than three years to make, and he’s still doing adjustments to the recipe. Dan wants a perfect recipe, but Dan is not a magician. He’s an engineer.

The Steemit train conductor is Ned Scott who oversees all the operations of the Steemit train.

Ned Scott

One day Ned Scott found a piece of Dan’s magic coal and fell instantly in love. He had never seen such a magical, beautiful piece of magic coal before. The magic coal changed his life and he decided to help bring it to others. With Dan’s help, he manufactured the Steemit train company and decided he would be the conductor.

Ned’s job turned out to be rough because some of the Steemit train passengers were rowdy, loud and unmanageable. But there were also many good passengers who started to create their own food carts on the Steemit train. These food cart specialists have been able to feed a lot of the hungry passengers. The specialists also helped others start up their own food carts using the magic coal.

One day a group of Steemit train passengers decided to make their own train company because the Steemit seats were a little uncomfortable.

They were happy with the tracks and the magic coal, but they wanted their train to be a different color and a different shape. They also wanted different curtains and more modern, comfortable furniture. Their ideas were born and developed while riding on the Steemit train. One day, their ideas grew so big that they needed more space than the train would provide. On this day, this group got off the Steemit train and began to build out their plans to make a different train company. They named their train company, Busy.org. Their train ran on the same tracks as the Steemit train and used the same magic coal.

​As time went on, more and more people began riding on the Steemit and Busy trains. This resulted in more magic coal being both produced and consumed. I bet you’re wondering why Dan’s coal is magic. It’s magic because it is not composed of carbon material. It’s clean because it’s digital. And it’s always renewable because it’s created inside the deepest, most imaginative part of our minds.

It’s the part of us that’s free to dream of worlds that do not yet exist, but that are possible in the future.

ps: I’m mostly writing on Steemit and Busy.org these days because those platforms have solved the monetization issue that Medium has yet to figure out. You can follow me there and help build the future of work: 
STEEMIT: https://steemit.com/@stellabelle
BUSY: https://busy.org/@stellabelle

Both platforms use the same blockchain technology and both are in Beta. When you write in Steemit, your post automatically is published in Busy and vice versa. The two platforms are just different interfaces for the Steem blockchain. Busy is very new, so don’t get frustrated. It needs you to help create it.

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