People on Steemit Are Committing Steemicide. I’m Attempting To Save Them.

Steemicide Hotline Cover

User retention has been a challenge on for a variety of reasons, so I decided to create a new video series called Steemicide Hotline.

So far I’ve created 6 episodes of Steemicide Hotline in an attempt to save users from leaving The episode below has been the most popular one since it features The Dollar Vigilante, a prominent figure in the modern Anarchist movement. He’s also a master Doom Porn pusher. See one of his videos, so you can properly get my parody one I did of him. His prediction that the crash would happen in October well, it didn’t happen. Here’s one example of this Doom Porn that I find so hilarious:

And here’s the parody I did of him:

Each episode follows the pain, struggles and frustrations of a different Steemit user. Some of my plots are just fiction, but some are based on the experiences of real people who abandon the platform and write their last post on Steemit, never to return again:

My series uses the idea of a suicide hotline, and I created a character that is completely over the top. She is part secretary, part tart, and I wanted her to be exploring the tropes of the sexualized female character in predominantly male worlds. Plus, it’s fun to play act and be someone I’m not in real life.

I’m having the time of my life actually, as making this series has pretty much taken over my life. Creating these videos uses all my skills that I have been developing over the last ten years: writing, directing, acting and video editing. I do everything myself. I’d like to get to the point of working in a team, and there are plans for this in the future.

Here’s the very first episode I did which explores a cartoonist as he is about to commit Steemicide:

From this series I also created a bunch of hilarious GIFs on To get an overview of the different characters I played, check out the GIFs below: