Steemit’s HardFork

Steemit did the hardfork two days ago. Suddenly my earnings shot up a 100% . The experts definitely knew what they were talking about. They predicted that minnows would see an above average rise in their earnings. And such was the case. Should bode well for Steemit’s future. More incentive for users to create awesome content for the platform. This matters most. Steemit’s continued growth depends on good content which is also relative when you really think about it. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. One man’s meh is another’s excellence.

The hardfork also changed the voting process. Now we only get 10 one hundred percent powered votes per day. I figure most users will be a bit more stingy with their votes now. I understand it but ten is kinda low . It will definitely prevent begging for votes and voting someone just for them to vote you back. I feel like us creatives should vote the posts we deem vote worthy. We should let our art speak for us. I prefer to keep it organic always.

Hopefully Steemit devs will keep implementing awesome features for the platform to reach its maximum potential. Communities are on the horizon. Users will be able to create communities both private and public. This will definitely create problems as well as benefits. I might just stick with the public stream instead. Let everyone see my posts and not lock it behind a community wall. I have always hated borders but I do understand that some people prefer to post in niche places. Remains to be seen how communities will affect Steemit’s growth for the foreseeable future.