Visualising follower data — see who you need to follow!

With the recent influx of users I have noticed a marked increase in the number of people following me, however I have been slack in following them back. Something had to be done!

How do I see who (still) follows me, who has muted / unfollowed me, that I follow?

It ended up taking me quite a bit more work than I expected, but the site is definitely better for it! Let’s check out the results.

Introducing some colour

Here is a snap from the latest incarnation over at
As you can see there is now a bit of colour! Rows, sometimes, have colours and the action taken by the ‘follower’ is now highlighted as a very bright button.

Button colours are as follows;

  • Follows are green, as that’s awesome! 👍
  • Unfollows are amber/orange as thats not so awesome 😕
  • Mute’s are red, those are really not nice… 🙁

Each action by a user has a row for each day, these rows colours depend on the relationship between the account and the ‘follower’.

Another example of the rows that can appear.

Colour me confused

To try and have the maximum impact with regards to the visual aspect of the relationship, I tried colouring the rows.
To get the most out of this, you need to know what the colours mean though, lets take a look.

For the purposes of this explanation, imagine you are viewing your followers, on your profile.

Green is good, ☝️ this person follows you and you follow them back. Everyone is happy

Blue is ok, this person follows you, but you don’t follow them. What to do now? Well, follow the link to their profile on Steemit, have a read through their posts and comments and if you like what you see, then follow them back!

Oh dear! Yellow means this person follows you, but you have muted them. This would have helped me, as I did this by mistake to my wife’s account. Make sure you actually want this persons account muted, your choice!

Tough choice ahead! Red means you follow this account / but they muted your account or recently muted your account.
You need to decide if it is still worth following this person.

If you are on a PC, you can hover over a row, to get a nicer description of what is going on.

The end, for now

I hope to expand more on follower profiles soon, I really would like to add enough information, so that you can make an informed decision on whether to follow someone right there on

I had to redo some stuff in the database, but I am sure that the site should be much more snappy now, and with the changes I should have data in such a format, that I can add a follower trend line to the graph soon!

What are your thoughts?
Do you like the recent changes? Are they easy to understand?
What else would you like to see from the followers profiles?


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