StellarX lists STEEM and SBD

Just a few days ago we introduced Steem Anchor which enabled Stellar based exchanges to list STEEM and SBD assets.

Today we are proud to announce that STEEM and SBD are now available as listed assets on StellarX decentralized exchange.

Official listing means STEEM and SBD markets are now visible to all users of StellarX without an additional authorization step and trustlines are automatically created for those who want to buy STEEM or SBD directly from the market.

What is StellarX?

Launched on September 28 by a team which previously built products like Kickstarter, Headspace and OkCupid, StellarX is one of the newest decentralized exchanges out there.

Zero trading fees coupled with a simple and modern interface and powered by Stellar’s decentralized blockchain technology also makes it one of the best decentralized exchanges worldwide.

We suggest reading their announcement and launch posts to find out more, or head directly to and start trading!

Why StellarX is a huge deal for Steem?

This listing opens new liquidity paths to major crypto and fiat currencies through Stellar’s decentralized network, an already impressive list which is poised to grow:

  • Fiat: Hong Kong Dollar, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Nigerian Naira, British Pound and Philippine Piso and soon Australian Dollar
  • Crypto: Stellar, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Kin, Basic Attention Token, Salt, 0x and many others…
  • ICO: hundreds of natively issued ICO tokens and airdrops

For the full list, please visit markets page on StellarX

Steem Anchor — Product Updates

  • Steem Anchor has been updated to support SEP 0006 standard for Anchor/Client interoperability. StellarX will soon release an updated interface supporting this standard which will enable users to deposit and withdraw STEEM and SBD easier directly from StellarX interface.
  • You can now see the amount of asset holders for both STEEM and SBD in our Vault section.

Who is behind Steem Anchor?

Steem Anchor is brought to you by the @sweatshop team — a dedicated blockchain project incubator led by two Steem witnesses — @upheaver and @therealwolf.

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