Steer Initiative: Steering Education in African Communities

Poster Credit: Steer Initiative
Poster Credit: Steer Initiative

Africa suffers deep gaps in its educational sector, where many communities and children lack access to education. About 60% of youths between 15 to 17 years old are out of school. About one third and one-fifth of children between the ages of 12 & 14 and 6 &11, respectively are out of school.

In addition, the quality of education delivered is poor. There is limited access to learning materials such as textbooks, a shortage of teachers, and in many cases supply of poor quality teachers. Classrooms and learning conditions are poorly designed, and children also lack access to basic school amenities, such as restrooms, electricity, and water. Moreso, the educational systems across many African countries are outdated.

There is also a growing gap in gender equality in education. Many girls are out of school because, in many communities, boy education is prioritized more than girl education. Compared to 19% of boys, 23% of girls are out of school, and this gap increases as they progress in age.

There is, therefore, an urgent need to support child education, make education accessible to all, advocate for quality education, and provision of up to date learning materials. We need to empower teachers to train and nurture children, create more conducive environments for learning, and support girl education from primary to tertiary institutions. Without quality education, we would be neglecting the future of our continent, Africa.

At Steer Initiative, we are passionate about education, and as such are currently committed to three core programs to support quality education in Africa. Starting from a scholarship fund for girls, to teachers’ empowerment sessions, and back-to-school programs that involve the provision of school supplies to children as well as contributions to the renovation of schools within communities. We are therefore calling on stakeholder actors in the development, private, and public sector to partner with us to scale the reach and impact of our work across communities in Africa.

We would love to hear from you.




Our education program is continuous and we have emerging partnerships that are designed to strenghten access to education for the young.

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Steer Initiative

Steer Initiative

An empowerment centered initiative, focused on steering programs that are critical to driving social change and contributing to sustainable development.

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