Stella Diaries -Introduction

Introduction to the Online Series

Stella is captured; she is badly beaten up and sees her life pass through her eyes.

She knows this is a cliché thing to do; the kind of cliché she would normally refuse to succumb to, but for this one time, she was going to make an exception and that was only because she decided it could be good for her.

Instead of thinking about internal bleeding and pay attention to the pain caused by the breaks and cracks in her ribs, she would think about camp, about her parents, and about her siblings who she knew as annoying at young age, but that had somehow changed and came to mean the world to her.

Instead of giving in to the wailing hunger and thirst, she would give in to the daydream of being with him. He who stood there with her at all times. He, who at times she had protected and he had saved her life. She heard he wasn’t dead after all and that was a consolation.

Anyway, it isn’t like she could help the bombardment of memories that came to her bruised mind in pictures and pencil sketches and article titles.

The Global Alliance: rise and fall.

The Force : From peace keepers, to spies to prosecuted.

Another World War knocks on the doors.

She never understood politics. She was just a good soldier, a conscientious girl who believed in a bigger good. She had followed and lead. She had defied and questioned. She didn’t believe she had participated in great evil, but maybe she unknowingly had.

Maybe her death can bring justice after all.