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Meridian Hackathon 2020 Finalists

Thanks to all participants, and congratulations to the finalists!

As part of this year’s Meridian, the Stellar Development Foundation is sponsoring a hackathon that challenges old hands and newcomers alike to build something showcasing at least one of Stellar’s new features.

In addition to $12,000 worth of XLM in prizes, contestants will compete for bragging rights and glory: the 5 finalists are being featured on the event website, are getting feedback from some of the top brass at SDF, and will be evaluated and voted on by the wide world of Meridian attendees.

The Challenge

Four new features were added to the Stellar protocol in 2020, and contestants had to build a project on the testnet that incorporates at least one of them. They are:

The Finalists

Without further ado — and in no particular order — we are proud to announce the 5 finalists for the Stellar Meridian 2020 Hackathon!


Enabling Offline-Offline Payments for traveling anywhere in India for the masses. Completely cashless and contactless for the post COVID-19 Indian travel economy. Full submission here.


Pagas is an online platform that facilitates the sale of products by creators directly to consumers using Stellar. Full submission here.


Waris aims to promote financial planning and management by making claimable funds self manageable, easy and safe. Full submission here.


A decentralized blockchain expense management system for personal and business powered by the Stellar Network. Full submission here.


Meza keeps your chama’s financial books in check. No more worrying about why your figures aren’t adding up. Full submission here.



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