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On June 15th and 16th, the Stellar community had the opportunity to interact live with candidates of the 10th round of the Stellar Community Fund (SCF) during five candidate pitch sessions. Almost all candidates presented their Stellar-based solutions and community members provided support, asked questions, and gave feedback.

Did you miss any of these sessions? No problem! Read on to view summaries of each pitch, sorted by category, budget request, and project stage. Each project title links to the project’s SCF page, where you can find a demo video and more information about their business model and team.

Even if you’re not voting in this SCF round, we encourage you to read about each candidate and engage with the teams in the SCF Discord.

Cross-border payments and remittances

Mango | $24,600 | Development

Mango provides the unbanked population of Mexico a cash-to-crypto entrance by offering cash-on-ramps through the thousands of OXXO convenience stores located throughout the region.

CashAbroad | $28,500 | Development

Helps businesses quickly manage accounts receivable and debt to pay with international merchants and vendors through simple natural language NLP–starting with the Mexico-Colombia corridor.

KometPay | $32,000 | Development

Makes money transfers easy and accessible to Colombian immigrants in the US by combining a user-friendly interface with receiving options catering to the unbanked demographics of LatAm.

Centiiv | $45,000 | Startup

A payment platform facilitating seamless fund transfers across Africa, including crypto-to-bank and utility bill payments. Also provides earning opportunities with passive income through investment and savings features.

Finoo | $50,000 | Startup

The world’s first study abroad digital wallet. Say no to all unnecessary fees from banks and discover a simpler and more convenient way to afford your university abroad.

LINK | $50,000 | Startup

A fintech service provider building cross-border payments infrastructure in Africa. LINK is also the issuer of the multi-chain Nigerian Naira stablecoin (NGNC) on Stellar with SEP-24 on- and off-ramp capabilities.

Payment Porte | $50,000 | Development

Plans to utilize digital assets & stablecoins to create a neobanking & borderless payment ecosystem and facilitate a paradigm shift from legacy banking to the future of digital economies and fintech.

Smilepay | $50,000 | Startup

A peer-to-peer mobile app that helps African diasporas abroad to send money, pay utility bills, & buy airtime for friends & family in Africa, in real-time & free of charge. Starting in the USA & Ethiopia.

Sentit | $55,000 | Startup

An easy-to-use multi-currency non-custodial wallet on Stellar for fast cross-border and bill payments at a low cost. Integrating capabilities for users to acquire stocks, bonds, and NFT collectibles.

Banking The Unbanked | $56,000 | Startup

A secured cross-border payments platform that enables businesses and individuals to pay and get paid by the unbanked population worldwide through an inclusive digital banking experience via mobile.

Peimi | $70,000 | Startup

A B2B platform that enables US employers to send international payments to LatAm contractors in their preferred currency at the best possible rate, speed, and security.

Meru | $100,000 | Startup

A mobile app that can send money across LatAm countries in seconds by leveraging SEP-24 integrations with Stellar anchors, starting with Colombia and Venezuela.

Clickpesa Sender Portal | $200,000 | Expansion

Uses Stellar to connect locally available payment solutions to East Africa to facilitate cheaper, quicker, and compliant payment remittances and settlements for traders, partners, and companies. | $200,000 | Startup

A fintech superapp improving the life of overseas Filipinos and their unbanked loved ones back home with free remittances, bill and service payments to hold in-app or spend in 20K+ off ramp locations.

Chronospay | $204,000

A universal payment platform created for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Latam countries that offers reduced traditional commission fees by 70% with instant settlement in local currency.

DeFi & wallets

Pluto Loans | $48,480 | Startup

Allows users to spend their future yield today via time-based and self-repaying loans with no liquidation risks. They plan to launch in Argentina, where the annual inflation rate has reached 60%+.

PesaKit | $50,000 | Expansion

A fintech furthering access to financial services at the last mile through crypto cash-in-cash-out agent locations in East Africa. Also provides DeFi lending for underbanked and underserved areas.

Bonafide | $150,000 | Startup

Wallet that enables businesses and individuals to hold and spend digital dollars, send and receive money globally, earn annual interest on wallet balance, and participate in no-loss weekly raffle draws.

Mesh | $217,063 | Growth

Decentralized financial markets platform for cross-asset issuance, trade, investment and management of Trad- and DeFi assets. Fast, low cost, and direct access for all to primary sources of capital.

Beans App | $220,000 | Startup

A non-custodial wallet where users enjoy free international payments and savings accounts with healthy yields through a user experience that anyone can understand without any blockchain jargon.

Education and Community

Wastecoin | $40,000 | Development

A blockchain app that educates and rewards users for their recycling effort through Wastecoin, a Stellar token that can also be used to purchase items at their marketplace.

Edunode | $77,200 | Startup

An e-learning platform that empowers Web3 developers and innovators with easy access to high-quality blockchain educational experiences, NFTs certifications, and tools to monetize their skills.


Rabid Reader E-book Platform | $25,000 | Maturity

Token-based e-book marketplace that unlocks global access to granular digital content (e.g. parts of books) to help anyone purchase content for education curriculum and professional development.

ImpactCred | $30,000 | Startup

A FinTech lending marketplace seeking to connect impact debt investors with early-stage social enterprises to solve the unmet annual debt financing need of $1.5B across accelerator program graduates globally.

FatHouse | $50,000 | Development

An intuitive investment platform that empowers millions to emotionally connect and invest in Latin America real estate digital products to generate passive income, regardless of budget or experience.

Synced Geo-Bounties | $50,000 | Startup

Allows crowdfunding and crowdsourcing of geospatial data where users can submit bounties for environmental (e.g., reporting broken infrastructure) and social matters (e.g., finding places of local history).

GetPaid | $185,000 | Growth

A marketplace and community platform that provides creators, traders, and freelancers in Africa access to opportunities in the global digital economy through connecting, learning, and earning.

Micro & B2B payments

Prontopagos Pay | $49,319 | Expansion

A non-custodial wallet designed for the general public in Venezuela to pay public and telecom services, taxes, debt, and other obligations quickly with low transaction costs.

OSOCI | $50,000 | Development

Run by a team experienced with streaming services for 12+ years, OSOCI allows anyone worldwide to earn for streamed content through a token-based solution with the ability to spend instantly.

Paystreme | $50,000 | Startup

A payment streaming platform that enables customers to pay in real-time for services such as cell phone coverage, internet, pay-tv, and video streaming. Pay-as-you-go with no more subscription fees.

Quidroo | $56,500 | Startup

An online factoring platform where transactions are streamlined and Nigerian SMEs get paid within 72 hours by selling their invoices to investors to get fast cash at favorable rates.

NFTs and Gaming

Source of Tales | $7,500 | Development

A 2D MMO Action-RPG that will use Stellar for authentication and give players ownership of their characters and in-game possessions that can be traded independently of the game.

MythForge | $20,000 | Development

A game that allows players to create in-game items and link them to newly minted NFTs on Stellar, which can be traded and rented to other players.

MegafanWorld | $45,000 | Development

An interact-to-earn metaverse and social network aiming to create a community for soccer fans around the world rewarded for participation through a non-custodial Stellar wallet and NFT marketplace.

Million NFTs | $50,000 | Development

An NFT marketplace that uses Stellar to offer a fast and low-cost solution for minting NFTs. Instead of charging commission fees, they encourage users to pay for ad features in a custom token.

Skyhitz | $120,000 | Startup

A music NFT marketplace providing musicians the tools to leverage their creativity and use Stellar to trade equity of their work in exchange for XLM or other assets on the network.

The Blue Marble | $180,000 | Startup

A marketplace that revolutionizes impact investment by allowing NFT creators to easily launch campaigns and split sales revenues with social and environmental causes.

Tools and infrastructure

Elixir Stellar SDK | $12,000 | Development

A LatAm tech talent and innovation incubator aiming to provide support for Stellar in the programming language Elixir through open-source libraries ‘Elixir XDR’, ‘Stellar Base’, and ‘Stellar SDK’.

Xycloo: sTeX & Stensitive | $15,300 | Development

sTeX is an online LaTeX environment: a Google Docs for latex using stellar for document tokenization and management. Stensitive is a simple tool to encrypt sensitive data with any Stellar wallet.

Vitreous | $50,000 | Development

A project aiming to make transparent data easy to understand and encourage trust by providing transparent accounts with social network features.

AssemblyScript smart contracts SDK | $59,000 | Development

An open-source, free AssemblyScript smart contracts SDK that will help (web) developers implement native smart contracts for Stellar (Jump Cannon).

BP Ventures | $125,000 | Growth

Helps FinTechs like MSBs increase revenues, decrease chargebacks and fraud, and improve treasury efficiencies through consulting and a whitelabel DeFi dashboard, cash-in cash-out payment solution.

Truestamp | $150,000 | Startup

A SaaS platform that leverages Stellar to provide easy access to cryptographically strong tools to verify the timestamp, integrity, and provenance of your most important data. Know what’s true.

InfinitySwap | $200,000 | Expansion

Smart routing multi-chain aggregator enabling x-chain swaps. With InfinitySwap, Ferrum intends to port liquidity to Stellar and bring TVL and volume to Stellar DEX and other DeFi platforms in the ecosystem.

Until 11:59 PM PST on July 4th, verified community members can cast their votes to candidates they believe deserve their requested budget. Interested in becoming verified and help shape the Stellar Ecosystem? Check if you meet the benchmarks for qualification and apply.



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