SCF#11 — Community Discussion (officially) begins!

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3 min readOct 28, 2022


Community Discussion (officially) has begun! While submissions are open until October 30th, everyone has the chance to weigh in on the first set of selected candidates of SCF#11 (with the second set published on November 7th) until the Community Vote ends on December 4th.

The Community Discussion is beneficial for both the contestants and the community: contestants get to advocate for their projects, and the Stellar community can interact directly with developers and entrepreneurs to help them hone their pitches and refine their submissions.

There are a few ways you, as community members, can get involved:

💬 | Now — December 4: Engage with projects in the #scf-11 channel on Discord

Prizes are nice, but constructive feedback is invaluable and can help a project for a long time. Start by reading through entries on Open up the #scf-11 forum channel in the SCF Discord, navigate to the project you’re looking for and engage! Ask questions and let them in on your experience as you look through their submission and test their product. Check out these do’s and don’ts when providing feedback to submitters. The more you engage, the stronger the entries become, and the bigger the impact SCF has on the Stellar ecosystem and beyond.

🗳 | November 1–4: Vote for best progress in the SCF#11 Startup Bootcamp

Starting on Tuesday until Friday, November 4th, the SCF#11 Startup Bootcamp will guide 31 candidates through a design sprint to further their project on Stellar with the help of facilitators and technical experts from SDF, DFS Lab, and the Stellar community.

This time, the entire Stellar community can connect with bootcamp participants, answer questions, and vote to award small XLM prizes to teams that have best completed the bootcamp exercises. All this happens in a special category on the SCF Discord, only accessible next week, so make sure to be present and weigh in on their progress!

🎤 | November 8–9: Give live feedback during Candidate Pitches

And to top it all off, on November 8 & 9, 2022, all selected candidates are invited to take the stage and present their entries to the Stellar community, live on the SCF Discord. Each team has five minutes to present their project and the progress they’ve made, after which the community can ask questions and leave feedback. It’s a great way to connect with projects and learn more about the submissions!

Learn more about the Candidate Pitches and add sessions to your calendar here.

🌟 | Now — November 14: Get verified to vote for submissions in SCF#11

Become a verified member of the Stellar Community Fund and influence the growth of the Stellar ecosystem!

  • Unlock the exclusive ability to vote for submissions
  • Reveal the latest and greatest built on Stellar
  • Grow your presence within the ecosystem and community
  • Influence the evolution of the greatest community fund in the space

Verified members are individuals that have a proven, longstanding interest in beneficially growing the Stellar ecosystem. Check out the benchmarks for qualification and apply in the SCF Handbook.

Selected projects: engage with the community!

This is your opportunity to engage with, learn from, and get to know the Stellar community. Over the next few weeks, you have a rare opportunity to collect feedback and use it to improve your submission. You can also interact with potential voters to help them understand your project and tailor your submission to highlight its value.

👀 | Regularly check your project post on #scf-11 to answer questions and engage with community members.

🔊 | Amplify project updates and announcements in the #project-announcements channel.

✍️ | You can request modifications for your entry until November 14, when the Voting Phase starts.

Not quite the right attitude. Find helpful guidelines on how to ask for and respond to feedback in the SCF Handbook



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