SCF #25 Round Recap

Gemma Dobbs
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5 min readApr 23, 2024


The Stellar Community Fund (SCF) is an open-application awards program that draws on community input to support developers and startups building on Stellar and Soroban.

Congratulations to all submitters on your achievement. We received 84 Activation and Community Award submissions, 44 of which submitted for their first ever SCF awards.

Thank you to all submitters and reviewers for your hard work. We had a record turnout of voters for Community Vote this round, so a special shoutout to our verified community voters!

We awarded $1,311,937 worth of XLM to 26 submitters in total for SCF #25.

Scroll down for a list of all projects; but first, let’s get to know our class of SCF #25!

  • 80% of awarded projects are building on Soroban.
  • Developer tooling was the most-awarded project category this round, representing 5 projects.

Click on the project name to view their successful submission! Please note that in order to view the SCF Dashboard, you need to be logged in. If you do not yet have an account, feel free to create one or sign in with Discord.

Activation Awards

Awarded a total of $518,417 worth of XLM* to 16 projects

Projects new to SCF can request an Activation Award up to $50,000 worth of XLM* for ~1–1.5 month projects. The Activation Award is intended to support the completion of the Project’s MVP of their Stellar/Soroban integration and serves as an opportunity for the recipient(s) to demonstrate commitment to the overall Project. Learn more in the SCF Handbook.

Blade: TradFi to DeFi Bridge: $50,000 worth of XLM*
Blade Labs utilizes Stellar & Soroban to offer a suite of tools for enterprises to tokenize RWAs, facilitating a transition to DeFi.

COCA.XYZ: $50,000 worth of XLM*
COCA.XYZ is a non-custodial Debit Card and IBAN powered by MPC and anonymous biometrics with 100,000+ Users and 250,000+ Wallets.

Connecting Balanced to Stellar: $50,000 worth of XLM*
Balanced is a cross-chain DEX and stablecoin that enables native cross-chain DeFi primitives for any ecosystem.

Dev Educational Program: $14,990 worth of XLM*
Developing a comprehensive educational program for web2 developers to master Stellar & Soroban coding.

DevTrak — Developer Onboarding: $14,000 worth of XLM*
DevTrak is launching Africa’s first gamified platform for developers to Learn, Build, and Earn rewards on the Stellar network.

Dfns Stellar Support: $25,000 worth of XLM*
Dfns is a leading MPC wallet as a service platform, supporting banks, fintechs, tokenization platforms and more.

Forge: $39,630 worth of XLM*
Forge is streamlining Horizon API and Soroban RPC node deployment and management.

FROST Implementation: $15,000 worth of XLM*
FROST is a threshold signature scheme based on the Schnorr signature, using the WebRTC protocol.

PipeOps: $48,000 worth of XLM*
PipeOps is a cloud Infrastructure product that allows for devs to deploy, automate, manage and scale their cloud Operations easily.

Noticias Trading: $10,000 worth of XLM*
Noticias Trading is creating educational video content about Soroban and Stellar for over 160,000 followers.

SorobanHub: $32,000 worth of XLM*
SorobanHub lets you manage, monitor and interact with your deployed contracts from a single and free to use desktop app.

Stellar Razor and Blazor Suite: $40,000 worth of XLM*
The Pakana team is building a suite of open-source DotNet Razor and Blazor UI components that abstract Stellar blockchain operations to one-click.

Stellar Skynet & SkyInsights: $49,997 worth of XLM*
CertiK is building Stellar chain support to CertiK’s Skynet for community security and SkyInsights for compliance/risk monitoring.

Stellar zkCrossDEX: $50,000 worth of XLM*
zkCrossDEX enables seamless cross-chain liquidity transfers from leading EVM chains to Stellar with a single click.

Stellar-Nest: $14,800 worth of XLM*
Stellar-Nest provides an easy way to kickstart a project on Stellar with Nest.

StellarEdu by Cryptoconexión: $15,000 worth of XLM*
Cryptoconexión is creating structured educational program in Spanish and Portuguese to engage developers interested in Stellar and Soroban

Community Awards

Awarded a total of $793,520 worth of XLM* to 10 projects

If the Activation Award is granted and the deliverables of the Activation Award submission are completed, the Activation Award recipient(s) can then request a Community Award (up to $100,000 worth of XLM* for 2–3 months project). Projects are able to request additional Community Awards according to the resubmission guidelines.

Emigro Pix: $90,000 worth of XLM*
Emigro is the traveler’s digital wallet.

Hana Wallet: Defi Integrations: $82,000 worth of XLM*
Hana Wallet is a simple multi-chain crypto on-the-go built for everyday users.

IDUNU: Help Kids Thrive: $15,000 worth of XLM*
IDUNU is a fundraising and fund distribution platform for high-impact, cost-effective charities working with underprivileged kids.

Meru — Beyond Latin America: $98,520 worth of XLM*
Meru is expanding coverage of financial services for freelancers on Stellar beyond Latin America..

OrbitCDP: CDPs on Stellar: $100,000 worth of XLM*
OrbitCDP allows users to collateralize Lumens for a wide range of stablecoins with Orbit.

Phoenix Hub v3 NFT Marketplace: $94,500 worth of XLM*
Phoenix will serve a delicious, Soroban-worthy NFT Standard and Marketplace combo that’s flavorfully innovative!

ZK Bricks: Private Payments on Soroban: $85,000 worth of XLM*
Sanctum is a non-custodial privacy-preserving payment system, with several compliance-friendly safety features.

Sora: $77,500 worth of XLM*
Sora is your essential companion toolkit for developing Soroban smart contracts.

Stellarcarbon Fractional: $51,000 worth of XLM*
Stellarcarbon Fractional allows contribution to high-integrity nature based projects, making it effortless to compensate for remaining emissions.

The Mercury Ecosystem: $100,000 worth of XLM*
Mercury is an efficient and already-running (testnet and mainnet) indexing service which is looking to scale.

A big congratulations to these standout projects! Your creativity and innovation have truly made an impression, and we’re eager to see the positive impact you’ll bring to the Stellar ecosystem. Stay tuned for details on how we will be working together to support and nurture your ideas.

The next SCF deadline is May 12th, 2024, for SCF #27. If you’re interested in submitting, take a look at the guidelines and submit your project before the deadline.

  • The USD valuation of the Award in XLM is calculated using the CF Stellar Lumens-Dollar Settlement Price on the day of payment as administered, maintained, and reported by the cryptocurrency index provider CF Benchmarks Ltd. (using the ticker XLMUSD_RR) (available at