Current Proposals and Round 2 Guidelines

Aug 12 · 6 min read

If you have a great project idea that you think the Stellar community will love, you should submit a proposal — today!

Current Proposals

Below are the SCF proposals that have been submitted so far (in order of submission date). Take some time to check them out and leave some feedback!

Round 2 Guidelines:

Though I’ve previously shared this round’s guidelines on GalacticTalk, I wanted to share the “official guidelines” below.


This round began July 12 and will run until October 12. ‘Nomination voting’ will begin on September 30 and ‘Final voting’ will take place the second week of October.

The first two months of SCF Round 2 will be focused strictly on discussion. I will periodically be sharing all of the new proposals on the community blog (you’re reading it right now!).


All proposals should be submitted as a new thread to under the SCF category. Proposals can be for applications, tools, content (such as tutorials, books, and videos), or events. Do not submit strictly proof-of-concept proposals. Submissions must have a live element and be available somewhere that people can use/review them. It’s important that these live elements are available to review before nomination voting begins.

Proposals should contain:

Project title: The name of your project. Please adhere to the Stellar brand policy.

Summary: A simple sentence summary of your project.

Goals: What your project plans to accomplish broken down by objectives.

Timeline: How and when you will accomplish your goals.

Description: The description should answer questions like “what does your project enable users to do,” “why is your project valuable for Stellar,” and “how does your project utilize Stellar.” It should also cover what platforms the project supports (ex; Windows, Chrome, etc.) and relevant documentation. This section should be very detailed.

Link: Links to your application, code repository, supporting materials, and/or home site. If you are submitting a proposal for content pieces (like walkthroughs), please provide links to the content pieces.

Anything else: Any additional information you think the community should know about your project!

After submitting a proposal, it’s important to stay active and answer any questions the community may have about your project.


Voting will take place in two rounds. A nomination round and award round.

To prevent people from trying to game the system — details on the nomination vote and final vote will be shared in September. Until then, please participate in discussion.


The Stellar Community Fund is being allotted 12,000,000 lumens for the year. Each round will award 3,000,000 lumens. Winners will be awarded proportionally out of this pool based on final vote percentages.

There will be 8 winners for Round 2.

Eligibility and Legal

Please only submit one proposal per person/organization per round. Winning entries will not be eligible for future rounds. All proposals must have some proof-of-use of the Stellar protocol or the benefit to the Stellar ecosystem. We recommend all proposals be completed in English. Proposals must have a functional element (no purely conceptual proposals) and be accessible in the United States.

Unfortunately, if you’re a national or resident of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, or Crimea, regulations prevent us from sending you any lumens. Additionally, we cannot send lumens to residents of the US states of Alabama, New York, Georgia, Connecticut, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vermont, and Washington.

SDF intends to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In accordance to US law, all winners will be required to submit KYC documentation and fill out the relevant tax form. Failure to do so will result in your rewards being forfeit. These tax forms will be used for accounting and reporting purposes so please be aware of your countries applicable laws regarding tax-filing. Lumens will be reported at closing price on the day they are sent to you.

If you intend to utilize the Stellar logo in your project, it must follow the brand policy. Lack of adherence to these standards may result in disqualification. Use of the words “official” in regards to or ambiguity of connection with the Stellar Development Foundation may result in disqualification. Avoid using Stellar in your project name since it could be confusing for the community.

Engaging in vote manipulation will cause your proposal to be disqualified. This includes botspam, fake/sock puppet accounts, and brigading.

Manipulation and Disqualification

Manipulation will not be tolerated.

Items considered manipulation this round:

  1. Mass DMing people to vote for your project (ON ANY PLATFORM)
  2. Vote trading
  3. Spamming Stellar channels for votes (Reddit, GT, Keybase, etc). Spamming includes posting multiple times a day about your proposal. For the sake of sanity and well-being — each project is allowed to create a proposal thread ONCE on Reddit (/r/Stellar).
  4. Paying for bounties to artificially inflate exposure
  5. Creating fake accounts to brigade, downvote, upvote, or maliciously target other products
  6. Malicious behavior — trying to frame other people, manipulating logs, “doxing/doxxing (pick your preferred nomenclature) participants.
  7. NOT adhering to the Code of Conduct!
  8. Stealing proposals
  9. Resubmitting winning projects with barely changed language
  10. Repeatedly trying to disqualify other projects without evidence
  11. Bullying participants. Constructive criticism is okay — being a jerk isn’t.
  12. Bullying community members providing honest feedback. Debate is okay — being a jerk isn’t.
  13. Advocating for breaking the law.

Spamming, manipulation, malicious actions, breaking code of conduct will not be tolerated. You will be disqualified or removed from participating in discussion if you’re engaging in vote manipulation or being malicious. This goes for both the general community and proposal submitters.

All participants will retain the intellectual property associated with their submission.


Feel free to spam the heck out of this subreddit — just to stress test it:

Reminder: Beware of “Hard Fork” Scams and “Giveaway Scams”. Learn more about how to protect yourself and your accounts in our Security guide.

DISCLAIMER: does not endorse any third party organizations that are named in this and/or any other communication(s). Please conduct due diligence and interact with these organizations at your discretion.

Safety Policy: The Stellar team will NEVER ask you for your private keys. We will NEVER ask you to deposit funds to any wallet address. Read our Security Guide for more information.

Stellar Community

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Director of Community @ Stellar Development Foundation

Stellar Community

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