Stellar Community Fund: Round 3 Results

Jan 9, 2020 · 5 min read

Every three months, the broader Stellar community is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite project proposals. The winners split a pool of 3,000,000 lumens based on the percentage of the final vote they received. If you’re new to the Stellar Community Fund, you can view the full guidelines here. The votes have been cast and tallied, and the results of the third round are in!

It’s been exciting to see community participation increase with each round. Round 3 saw a total of 730 eligible voters across the nomination and final rounds.

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal, participated in project discussion, and provided feedback! On to the results.

Paysapp | 18.1090%

Stellar payments in Whatsapp, Telegram, Keybase, Matrix, Discord, Slack and Twitter! Send money to more than a billion people in the world using your preferred messaging app, any currency, any asset, in seconds with the unbreakable security of the Stellar Network.

Stellar Battle | 15.7051%

Win community-funded prizes by competing in small competitions that are chosen by the Stellar community.

Litemint | 13.7821%

Litemint is an apps and games platform built atop of an open source Stellar wallet. The platform boasts 36,000 monthly active users to date. From puzzles to multiplayer to Cryptokitties-like games, Litemint runs and enhances any app with the Stellar blockchain.

Public Node | 13.1410%

Public Node is a community initiative that provides individuals and small businesses a low-cost way to support the health and resilience of the Stellar network. We accomplish this through memberships that pool our resources to pay for the cost of running full validator nodes. Our mission is to provide for Stellar what public broadcasting provides to radio, television, and people — a trusted and meaningful public voice within the Stellar network.

Blue Orion | 12.1795%

Based on our successful Stellar meetups in Munich and New York, the idea evolved to implement meetings with a workshop character and educate everybody on the potential of the Stellar ecosystem. We have already created a 50 pages tutorial how to create a stellar token using the laboratory. Since we received a positive feedback, we plan to continue conducting workshops especially in EU and the APAC region as well as develop more tutorial material. The workshop content such as slides, videos, etc. will be open source and available for all in the community.

StellarTerm | 9.6154%

StellarTerm is an advanced web-based open-source trading client for the Stellar network. Also available as a desktop app.

Cosmic.Link | 8.8141% is the next-gen solution for signing Stellar transactions from various applications without granting them control over your account.

Lumens for Charity | 8.6538%

Lumens for Charity aspires to create a simple and easy way to contribute to some of the Noblest and Radical Charities and Non-Profits throughout the world using Stellar Lumens, regardless of whether the organization has a Stellar Wallet.

The future of the Stellar Community Fund

I’ve said this a million times, but I’ve really appreciated the constant feedback and ideas that the community has provided throughout the first year of this program. We’re pleased to share that we’ll be continuing the program into 2020.

With the first year of SCF completed, we’ll be digging into the feedback provided over the last 9 months and working to refine the structure. This means there will be a temporary hiatus before the call for proposal submissions for Round 4.

So, stay tuned — we’ll be very vocal about when SCF resumes.

Congratulations again to this round’s finalists. We’re looking forward to seeing what amazing proposals and community-driven projects come out of 2020.

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