Stellar Community Fund: Round 4 Results

Every three months, the broader Stellar community is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite project proposals. The winners split a pool of 3,000,000 lumens based on the percentage of the final vote they received. If you’re new to the Stellar Community Fund, you can view the full guidelines here. The votes have been cast and tallied, and the results of the fourth round are in!

Congratulations to all of the winners! Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal, participated in project discussion, and provided feedback! On to the results.

COINQVEST | 21.1838% | 635,514 XLM

COINQVEST is an enterprise cryptocurrency payment gateway providing an all-in-one solution for merchants to effortlessly accept cryptocurrency payments online and settle into fiat, thus keeping consistent books and staying compliant.

Papaya | 17.4455% | 523,364 XLM

Anchor for BTC, USDT, LTC, ETH, KIN and other cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Stellar Tip | 11.8380% | 355,140 XLM

Stellar Tip is a chrome extension that enables users to tip both crypto and fiat currency to content creators and developers on platforms like Youtube, Twitch, and Github. Utilizing Stellar’s powerful decentralized platform, Stellar Tip enables users to instantly send transactions to their favorite creators/developers without being limited to currency or fees.

NiceTrade | 7.7882% | 233,644 XLM

NiceTrade is a powerful trading terminal with multi-account, social trading, competitions, and more.

Lumenscan | 7.4766% | 224,299 XLM

Lumenscan is a ledger explorer for the Stellar network that allows you to explore and search the Stellar network for ledgers, transactions, operations, accounts, assets.

What’s next for the Stellar Community Fund?

This fund is alive and constantly evolving into better, more effective forms. The rules and guidelines continue to mature and improve as the focus grows tighter towards supporting and bootstrapping viable ecosystem initiatives. This will continue even as we look towards other avenues of support for our community and vibrant developer ecosystem.

This fund is still in its infancy and a large part of its success lies in your hands to share and participate. We’re incredibly excited and proud of where we are today and cannot wait to see what the future holds and what projects will spawn from the SCF.

Congratulations again to this round’s finalists! We’re looking forward to seeing what amazing proposals and community-driven projects come out of the next round which begins on Monday May 25th!

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