Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #25

Stellar Community Fund voting, Reddit Community Points, Keybase Spacedrop Update.

Dec 16, 2019 · 6 min read

Hey everyone! Welcome to another issue of the Stellar Dev Digest, a weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Stellar Network.

What is Stellar? Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

Featured Developer Posts and News from the Week

This week I’m featuring StellarAuth!

In the demo above, Tyler walks you through everything you need to know about StellarAuth.

A quick summary from the documentation:

“StellarAuth is a developer API and user application service for easily and securely assigning Stellar accounts to your users from within your app. Kind of like Authy (2FA) for Stellar, but also a lot like a combination of Sign In with Apple and Apple Card. Essentially it’s a secure way to give your users a Stellar account which you can send requests to and they can accept or decline in an intuitive interface. You won’t store secrets, we don’t have access to secrets and the user won’t have to deal with anything they’re not already familiar with.”

Updates to Stellar Protocol (CAPs) and Ecosystem (SEPs)

Core Advancement Proposals (CAP) and Stellar Ecosystem Proposals (SEP) are a formal way of documenting proposed standards to improve various aspects of the Stellar Network. These function similar to EIPs and BIPs from the Ethereum and Bitcoin communities respectively. CAPs and SEPs represent the culmination of many discussions that often take place on the Stellar Developer Google Group.

Active Discussions

The hot topic on the dev mailing list this week was the proposal for adding protocol-level mulitplexed (aka muxed) accounts. In case you need a refresher:

Multiplexed accounts are aiming to solve two problems:

The idea is to solve these issues by replacing all sources and destinations of payments with a new MuxedAccount type. The MuxedAccount type can either be a Ed25519 key or a pair of an Ed25519 and an unsigned 64-bit integer id. The id is ignored by stellar-core, kind of like a per-AccountID memo ID.

We’ve heard from a lot of players in the ecosystem, including Lobstr, Stellarport, Ternio Blockcard, and Coinqvest, and we’d love to hear from you.

As SDF chief scientist David Mazieres puts it in the thread “The question on the table is whether we should accept CAP-0027, which already has an implementation.”

What do you think? Join in on the discussion here.

If these types of conversations interest you, consider joining the Stellar Developer mailing list!

Merged PRs

It’s been a relaxed week as only two PRs have been merged in relation to CAPs and SEPs:

Calls for Participation

Want to contribute to Stellar but don’t know where to start? The repositories below have a handful of beginner friendly PRs for you to take on!

Stellar-Core had a PR merged this week that is worth highlighting and could help Horizon quite a bit: Bug 2226 fast replay streaming txmeta.

Horizon needs transaction information produced by stellar-core in order to properly ingest transactions. The problem is that replaying all transactions via catchup in stellar-core takes a very long time. This PR introduces a special mode that replays all transaction history much quicker (less than a day), and generates necessary metadata for Horizon to use. (Thanks to Marta for explaining this to me).

I also wanted to feature the relatively new Stellar Wallet SDK (js-stellar-wallets). The point of this library is to make it easier to write your own Stellar wallet. Its aim isn’t to replace the current JavaScript Stellar SDK, but to provide a better API and new functionality where possible. The README explains the features specific to the Stellar Wallet SDK:

It provides straightforward APIs for handling these tasks:

Some things the library will try to do well:

If you’re interested in experimenting with it you can find the Github repo here and the documentation, with code examples, here.

Looking to work on Stellar full-time? Check out the list of job openings below:

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Did I Miss Something?

If you found that something from this issue is missing or inaccurate reach out to me (kolten) on Keybase and I’ll make sure to fix it 👍

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