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Stellar Dev Digest: Issue #67

SCF Lab Fund Results, Stellar Quest Series 1 complete, and how to Build Your First Stellar App.

Hey everyone! Welcome to another issue of the Stellar Dev Digest, a weekly recap of all things related to the development of the Stellar Network.

What is Stellar? Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payment systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost.

News & Posts of the Week

  • 🚀 Stellar Quest: Challenge #8 is live! Make sure to collect the final badge of this series.— Complete the challenge here.
  • Content Creator/Writer at SDF, Caroline Young, released an awesome recap of our Ecosystem Round Table: Custodial vs. Non-Custodial Apps: Which Side Are You On? — Read it here.
  • I started a tutorial series for new Stellar developers where I’ll be walking you through building your first Stellar app using Python and Flask. — Read part one here.
  • The Institute of Technology and Society in Rio de Janeiro (ITS Rio) is hosting a free online certificate course about Stellar in Portuguese. The course focuses on business and ranges from the basic fundamentals of Stellar to sophisticated uses of applications. — Sign up here.
  • Lisa Nestor, Senior Strategist at SDF, had a chat with TechNext to explain how Stellar removes the high cost of creating remittance infrastructure. — Read the article here.
  • DSTOQ, a Stellar-powered app that makes investing accessible and affordable for people in emerging markets, crossed 10,000 downloads on Android last month.
  • Blockdaemon has deepened their commitment to Stellar by extending their infrastructure and tooling support for Stellar validators. Some new features on the road map include: support for header-based authentication, cURL commands for Stellar node APIs in-app, and quorum adjustment in-app. — Read the announcement here.
  • is hosting another event — the FALL BRAWL. Players will have the opportunity to unlock a new, limited edition card and get a chance to battle for the ultimate prize on a live stream hosted by Sam Conner. —Check out the event here.

Application of the Week

This week I’m featuring the winners of SCF Lab Fund #1!

It was our first time running a Lab Fund under the newly revised “SCF 2.0” banner, and our first time using quadratic voting to decide the prize allocation. As with any firsts, we learned a lot and made a few observations that you can read in Tyler’s SCF Lab Fund 1 Retrospective. Anyways, on to the winners!

  1. Anara Farmers Market | 22.5225% | 112,612 XLM
  2. Ayadee TRAK Supply Chain System | 19.4337% | 97,168 XLM
  3. Lumenswap | 15.3797% | 76,898 XLM
  4. Blocknify | 10.2960% | 51,480 XLM
  5. DEB | Ride-Share App Built on Stellar Network | 10.2317% | 51,158 XLM
  6. Crypto Link | 8.1725% | 40,862 XLM
  7. EduNode: Meet, learn and build on the Stellar Network | 7.0785% | 35,392 XLM
  8. | 5.4054% | 27,027 XLM
  9. Relax | 1.4801% | 7,400 XLM

Congrats to all participants 🎉 We look forward to seeing you continue to build out your projects and making an impact on the Stellar ecosystem!

Releases and Updates

📢 Protocol reminder: In advance of the validator vote to upgrade the public network to Protocol 15, anyone running Stellar Core should install v15.0.0 and anyone running Horizon should install v1.11.1.

Last week, two new Horizon versions — v1.11.0 and v1.11.1 — were released. Changes include:

  • The service field emitted in ingestion logs has been changed from expingest to ingest.
  • Ledger stats are now exported in /metrics in horizon_ingest_ledger_stats_total metric.
  • Stellar Core database URL is no longer required when running in captive mode.
  • xdr: Add a custom marshaller for claim predicate timestamp.

If you run Horizon on the testnet, you may have experienced some issues last weekend. Install the newest version of Horizon ASAP. It should fix them. If you run Horizon on the public network, make sure to install the newest version before the public network upgrade vote on 11/23/2020.

You can find the release notes for v1.11.0 here and v1.11.1 here.

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Active Discussions

💬 This week I’m highlighting a discussion between Sam Conner and Ladi Okorodudu from Cowrie Exchange.

They cover what Cowrie has done so far, how they plan to be the leading African payment network using Stellar, the current state of Africa, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians.

Ladi also shares how Cowrie integrates directly with the Nigerian banking system and provides insight into Cowrie’s decision to use Stellar opposed to Ethereum.

👉 You can listen to the podcast here.

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Did I Miss Something?

If you found that something from this issue is missing or inaccurate reach out to me (kolten) on Keybase and I’ll make sure to fix it 👍



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