Stellar Monthly Roundup — July 2019

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Stellar Ecosystem Updates

The Stellar network just celebrated the 5th anniversary of its launch!

SDF’s CEO Denelle Dixon recently traveled to Washington, DC to meet with policymakers and discuss the future of blockchain regulations. Read more in her blog: Blockchain Policy: Getting it Right.

In an interview with Marco Montes Neri, co-founder of, we learn about Saldo’s mission to improve the quality of payment transfers in Latin America and why they chose to build on the #Stellar network.

Bitbond and Satoshipay partnered to make Bitbond tokens available in the Solar Wallet.

IDEO CoLab launched a Startup Studio program to help budding blockchain entrepreneurs take their projects to the next level.

SDF New Hires

Elle Brazzil, Senior Recruiter
Elle is joining SDF as a recruiting partner to the hiring leaders. She is very passionate about building out Stellar’s organization and bringing more talent to our team. Elle is a Sacramento native, a basketball enthusiast, and you can catch her at the beach on the weekends. Her latest goal is to kitesurf. :)

Adolfo Builes, Senior Software Engineer
Adolfo is joining SDF after being a Senior Software Engineer at Envoy. Previously he launched an anchor for the Colombian Pesos and wrote “Building your own venmo with stellar”. He enjoys reading, cycling and working on side projects.

Katya Korepanova, Head of People and Culture
Katya is joining SDF after being a Global HR Manager at Leanplum. Throughout her childhood & adolescence, she attended a dance school and performed with her group around Russia. Another fun fact is that Katya was born on Valentine’s day, so it’s always a challenge to make a reservation :-).

Natalia Rocco, Office Admin
Natalia is joining SDF after recently graduating from the University of San Francisco. She studied English Literature and has worked on both creative and academic print publications through USF. Her sign is Aquarius.

Charles Shin, Product Designer
Charles is joining SDF after being a product designer at Warby Parker. Previously was an intern at Uber and Weebly. He loves watching sports/film, eating tacos, and aspires to own a corgi one day.

We are hiring! Apply today.

Stellar Developer Updates

Stellar Events


  • IDEO CoLab and CoinList are hosting a hackathon starting on August 5, with participation from Stellar, Ethereum, NEAR, Oasis, and Tezos.
  • Join members of the SDF partnerships team today, Tuesday, August 6 for a free online workshop for Stellar Developers. The webinar will cover various aspects of the Stellar protocol and applications. Register now to grab a spot!
  • Stellar Meridian tickets are now live! Make sure you’re signed up on the waitlist to ensure you’re the first to know when tickets launch.
  • Boris Reznikov and Tomer Weller of SDF will be speaking at the Blockchain Bridge conference being held in San Francisco this September 18th and 19th.


Reminder: Beware of “Hard Fork” Scams and “Giveaway Scams”. Learn more about how to protect yourself and your accounts in our Security guide.

DISCLAIMER: does not endorse any third party organizations that are named in this and/or any other communication(s). Please conduct due diligence and interact with these organizations at your discretion.

Safety Policy: The Stellar team will NEVER ask you for your private keys. We will NEVER ask you to deposit funds to any wallet address. Read our Security Guide for more information.

Stellar Community

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