OVA to lead $5.5M Metaverse Campus project

OVA to lead $5.5M Digital Supercluster Project to create an AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus in partnership with Masterpiece Studio, Cognitive3D, and Toronto Metropolitan University

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3 min readSep 8, 2022


Montreal, QC, September 7th, 2022 The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus project is building the best Artificial Intelligence on the market. Led by OVA.ai, in partnership with Cognitive3D, Masterpiece Studio, Babcock, HMCS Venture (Formerly NTDC-P, Naval Training Development Centre-Pacific), the MIMS Lab from Toronto Metropolitan University and with co-investment from the Digital Supercluster, the platform will enable non-programmers to develop their own training simulations inside the Metaverse through simple drag-and-drop creation. For instance, StellarX, powered by OVA, is a Metaverse creation software that requires no coding knowledge.

The economic and educational markets are seeking more accessible tools to build virtual Spaces that are easily available in XR or on desktop computers, and designed for non-programmers to use. Virtual Reality (VR) and 3D content typically require technically trained people with specific programming expertise, further increasing cost and time constraints. The steep learning curve and difficulty of building 3D content have limited the number of available resources in this area.

The AI-Enabled Metaverse Campus will be a virtual Space to develop intelligent, adaptive, and interactive systems tailored to the needs of an organization. It will allow individuals without technical expertise, or any background in programming, to create virtual worlds aligned to their needs.

Defense suppliers can pair their existing training material with the tools developed as a result of this project. Together, they will be well-equipped to execute their digital transformation strategies and formulate use cases to secure support contracts under the following training programs:

  • Future Aircrew Training Program
  • Future Naval Training Systems
  • Future Fighter Capability Project
  • Land Vehicle Crew Training System

OVA and project partners are glad to move the yardstick forward for immersive training and simulation. If you are interested in adopting innovative training methodologies, reach out to OVA to indicate your interest. Specifically for Canadian Federal Government groups, OVA will have a unique contracting mechanism available from 2022–2025 for contracts up to $8 Million. Beyond this, OVA plans to increasingly integrate its training and simulation capabilities with NATO allies and become a key contributor to equipping those that serve.

About OVA inc.

OVA’s core mission is to empower businesses and content creators with immersive technologies. They understand how valuable Metaverse solutions can be and are striving to make them as accessible as possible through user-centered design thinking and artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements. Through OVA’s mission of democratizing the Metaverse, they are enabling more and more people to come together to create new experiences, collaborate to solve difficult problems, share creative works/passions, and optimize business operations.

For further information, please contact:

Harold Dumur, CEO

David Carrier, Chief Financial Officer

Tim Purdy, VP Client Solutions

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