3 Reasons Why You Might Be Struggling On Social Media

Here are some solid reasons why your social media account isn’t performing the way you imagined:

Tip #1: Too many offers!

I was gonna save the best for last but I guess I’m having dessert first today. Most people think just because they have a product and a social media page that things start selling off the shelf after a few posts.


You couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ever gave someone something because they asked for it enough times? Hardly ever.

Probably because you want them to get out of your space. 9/10 no one gives up their credit card because you asked enough times on your Twitter.

Social is a long term strategy to build a brand and loyal followers, not a flea market. Blasting people with deals and offers kills your brand fast before it has a chance to live.

Tip #2 Boring posts

Okay, I’m not saying you have to send 5,000 watts up your customers spine every time you post a funny but at least take some time to post something creative or educational.

Posts require substance.

Teach them something new or give your opinion on a new press release in your industry.

Do you run out of interesting things to say? If so, take a moment to write an awesome blog post on a related topic in your niche.

Once you have completed it(doesn’t have to be perfect), take a long hard look at it because you probably created enough content to last you a week.

Whenever I’m running out of creative juices, I create a blog that stems my ideas together or read. I share bits of my blog as status post on social media.

Tip #3 Lacking engagement

You won’t believe the severe entitlement that lives on social media.

Some people expect their accounts to sky rocket within weeks and that never will be the case unless you’re Barack Obama or Kim Kardashian.

You must engage with your audience first. They seldom make the first move. Be bold. Don’t be afraid of liking a picture or making a comment.

Your brand has the potential to make someone feel great and that’s the best motivation to give back to someone.

I comment frequently on my clients Instagram to my followers just to say “Cute selfie” or “We like your content”. It means the world to people when they see brands engaging with them in a realistic light.

Well until next time, share this with a staggering social media page!

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