How To Build A Massive Email List Using Facebook Advertising

Here are the steps to follow so you can achieve the same results:

Step 1: Create a MEGA Giveaway.

This is the most important step. Brainstorm, write down 25 ideas and then poll some of your customers and ask them what would they find really valuable. The offer should be something your audience finds tremendously valuable — so valuable they’d instantly give you their email AND “tell” (by tagging and sharing with) all their friends on FB about it. In the training, referencing a restaurant, they perceive several types of “giveaways” as valuable — particularly when it comes to winning free food. Giveaway’s such as a $50–100 gift card to the restaurant, Free Brunch for a Year, Free Burgers for a Year, “Win a Patio Party for 20 Friends, + Gift Card”, etc. — are all relevant to the restaurant’s audience. Everyone’s willing to give up their email address to gain an entry in to win. And they love telling others about it which gives you organic, viral spread of your promotion, your page, and your business.

It doesn’t matter what type of local business you are helping, you can give away the following:

  • Organic Dog Food Store: Free dog food for a year
  • Salon — Free spa day, free haircuts for a year
  • Travel agency: Giveaway a free 3 Day vacation o Fitness Club: 1 Year Free Membership
  • Consultants, for example, might give away a really valuable short video or video course — something more than just an ebook or a “cheat sheet” or free template. Those will get you a few new emails added to your list. Something massively valuable will build your list so fast your head will spin.

Step 2: Design your Facebook Post in — it’s free and it sizes your posts for you.

□Check your image to make sure it meets the ‘text vs. image’ standards with Facebook’s image overlay tool to see if you will get the green light to run your ad with maximum reach.

Step 3: Sign up for ($30/mo)

A Facebook approved application platform to set up a “sweepstakes” for Facebook. You can do so much with Woobox to build your list, to promote your business — all on Facebook. Get to know it, it’s Facebook-friendly.

Step 4: Click on the “Create an Offer”

button in Woobox and choose the Sweepstakes option and go through the wizard template — REALLY SIMPLE and FAST.

HERE is how easy it is to create your campaign landing page on Woobox:

Select “Create Offer/ Sweepstakes”.

You’re information from the previous screen (title / description) will show up on this screen above. CLICK “+Add Component” and choose “Image”.

It will then set the image block up on top and give you option to upload an image so it shows up like a header on a landing page and will look like this:

How do you design the header? In your Canva account ( — it’s free.

Click “Save.”

Don’t worry about the other tabs for Woobox (“post entry” and “ended”) — woobox has pre- templated text which doesn’t have to be customized.

TO PUBLISH AND MAKE IT BECOME A ‘LIVE LINK’: Click on “Overview” on the left side, and then it will bring up an overview screen where you have to click “Publish” (green button on the right side) for the landing page to be active.


Extra Bonus: Canva tutorials (free) will save your time and you can fire you graphic designer when you are finished going through them. Visit —

Step 5: Come up with the text copy that will go on top of the image in the Facebook post.

Persuasive copy typically has these elements:

  • Short and concise
  • Compelling offer
  • Sense of urgency
  • Scarcity
  • Time constraints

Step 6: Complete the post with image and text, so it’s now ‘live.’

Step 7: Boost it in Ad Manager.

Create Your Facebook Ad Campaign — Assuming you know your target audience (you have your customer Avatar), create an ad in ad manager and choose “boost a post.” If you boost from the front feed of your Facebook page do you do not have as many targeting options.

If you go to and “create ad” and choose the “boost a post” option, you’ll be able to set up a more targeted audience. I recommend taking a Facebook advertising course to get really good at this part. But it’s not rocket science, you can test with small $. Run the campaign for at least 2–3 days — and put what you can afford on it, but usually you’ll never need very much to start. $35 a day for 3 days is what we do to get 1000+ opt-ins. Sometimes we get that many emails collected it in 2 days.

Step 8: Rinse and repeat with new fresh offers every month

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