The #1 Way To Be Attractive In Life & Social Media

Attracting new customers is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face. Today, dating has also become a little more complex thanks to the creation of the internet and all of its Tinder glory.

It seems to be that were having a similar problem on both ends and it appears to have a shared root cause. The truth of what attracts people has been proven to be based more on BEHAVIOR rather than “good looks”.

We don’t know how to be attractive online. Sure, you probably look good when people walk into your brick and mortar location but what if you don’t have a brick and mortar like most of us? Are we doomed to the horrors of being unattractive? NO. We fight hard and use our resources to create the best damn experience online.

The next question that poses is how do we exactly be “attractive” to new potentials. I relate a lot of what I’m going to tell you back to dating. I have a small amount of experience in this area.

A year ago, I helped a few guys find their confidence to meet women and it was a great journey, I learned a lot.

Funny enough, the concepts I was teaching relate full circle to attracting new customers. So here we go, a few pointers on how to be attractive:


Neediness is probably the most universally unattractive traits known to the world.

What is neediness? It’s mindset plagued by scarcity and self-doubt. We have probably met a fair share of people who we would consider needy. Constantly asking for validation kills any interest that was developed.

To me, women experience this often from men. And customers can smell needy brands from a mile away.

Some social profiles scream “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BUY THIS”. Desperation admits to having no value and keeps trying anyway. Profiles with posts of product after product, offer after offer, reek of neediness.

In order to not appear needy, you must come into the practice of giving more than you’re asking to receive. When I takeover my clients’ social profiles, they usually fall into the same pattern:

  1. Inconsistent posting (week or month long gaps in posting)
  2. Dull Caption
  3. Pictures of products people have seen 1000 times

None of these carry the giving spirit that we as humans love. People in general appreciate someone who gives without the expectation of receiving. This is hard to find in a world where everyone has a self-interest at play.

How does this look on social media?

  1. Posts with captions that add value to the photo
  2. Informative posts that don’t end with “SHOP NOW”
  3. Posts that contain light humor

The best way to not appear needy(even if you are) is to give, give, give your value and not push to receive. Now, when I say that I don’t mean not sell. Selling is important.

We all sell for a living. I’m saying not to burst through the door, whip the guns out, and perform a hostile takeover. There is art in subtly. A good rule of thumb is to deliver 4–5 value offering posts and then post a great offer to drive traffic back to your site.

Consider your online presence as a Starbucks. They don’t force people to buy coffee as soon as you walk through the door. They offer value first. Free WiFi (love), comfortable seating, a place to charge your device.

Starbucks knows they have great coffee and doesn’t feel the need to push that on people who have already chosen to walk in.

You want coffee.

The urge to buy it comes from within, not the fancy 15% off poster. Although, 15% off is appealing, if you didn’t enjoy the coffee, how appealing could it be?

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