Big Things Coming Up: Stellerro Plans to Launch Its Fully Regulated STO Under ESMA Regulations, by Mid -June 2019

Oded Van Kloeten
May 29 · 3 min read

In our previous piece, we discussed the innovative agile investment structures (lower investment minimums, better locking periods, exit points and compliance with applicable law) of the new Security Token Offering ecosystem.

The process of tokenizing assets is about dividing different types of resources, assets or real estate, into smaller parts and then selling them in the form of tokens. Other than serving as an alternative fundraising method, STOs have emerged as a more secure and regulated way to invest in cryptocurrency companies. Unlike ICOs, they bear most of the hallmarks of IPOs, depending on the jurisdiction. Security tokens also have an important advantage over other (utility) tokens or coins: they can actually represent ownership of an asset or a revenue stream.

The security token industry is still in the process of building the foundation of partnerships and benchmark projects for its long-term development and stability. Stellerro™ is the first alternative investments banking platform of its kind, spearheading an innovative umbrella for the emerging digital securities offerings industry, ensuring companies meet the right underwriting processes and compliance conditions of numerous regulated jurisdictions.

Stellerro believes the crypto market is heading towards real action and real achievements and some of the biggest players out there, including Nasdaq and Forbes feel the same.

That is why, in the upcoming weeks, Stellerro will issue its own STO campaign with the new token marked: STRO. The token will bring higher security standards, better transparency and exclusive rights to token holders along with revenue share of the transactions in our platform. You are reading this right; we will be sharing our revenues and not just profits. We are convinced this approach fits better with the core principles of blockchain technology and our vision to strengthen the ecosystem.

With more than 10 projects up and running on various stages of STO, we have learned and majored in every aspect of our ecosystem. We believe that a successful STO will be the best way to showcase both the huge potential of security token offerings and Stellerro’s technological abilities, all wrapped in an easy to use, end-to-end platform to issue and distribute security tokens, we believe are going to be the next big thing in crypto.

We have been working actively with regulatory institutions and our strategic partners to become operational as soon as possible, taking the leap and becoming one of the first companies to issue STOs in our sphere. Stellerro will operate under a joint venture with crowdfunding, brokerage, authorized distributors and investment firms. All investors will have to go through Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures in order to acquire STRO security tokens. According to current laws, EU investors willing to acquire STRO security tokens must be accredited.

The security and protection of your money during the crowd sale

The private offering whitelist is now open. The public STRO token offering is expected to begin mid-June. Additional details can be found at

Please take note that Stellerro team members will NEVER contact you directly to offer special sale details or discounts. These are most probably scammers wishing to trick you into sending them your money. For any doubt or question, please contact at any time.

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Asset-Backed Digital Securities. Stellerro provides Tokenomics, Issuance, Onboarding & Audit solutions, leveraging proprietary AI & predictive analytics to outperform standard benchmarks.

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Asset-Backed Digital Securities. Stellerro provides Tokenomics, Issuance, Onboarding & Audit solutions, leveraging proprietary AI & predictive analytics to outperform standard benchmarks.