Fork Announcement — Stellite V5

In order to facilitate the transitioning and update process, we want to give you some important information about the upcoming fork.

Hello Stellite Community,

The time has come and we are very close to move to the long planned and anticipated version of the Stellite network protocol. As our new algorithm we chose CNv2 (Monero V8) with half iterations. This should help to fork away from possible threats of ASICs and FPGAs. Changes made to the original CNv2 algo will keep your power consumption at the same level as the current Stellite V4 algorithm with approximately up to twice the hashrate you had.

As fork height we decided the block 503001 and it should happen approximately 16/1/2019 1am UTC. Countdown is available on:

Just to cover all already announced facts about the new update:

V5 Adamantium

  • 5 Minute block time
  • New features from XMR upstream
  • Bulletproofs
  • A new GUI wallet
  • No changes in block reward

More details can be found on:

A few changes compared to our originally planned features should be pointed out:

Governance Fee: Because we do believe that the community as a whole is able to carry the project financially even more than Stellite team is, we decided to leave a network fee aside for now.

IPFS and Zeronet integration: Because we ran into some irregularities with the IPFS / ZeroNet implementation and our main priority is a fair mining output, we decided to change our plan and postpone the release of IPFS/Zeronet enhanced daemon for a while. This will give us more time to work on a better integration. The positive aspect is that there should be no need to fork later to use those integrations, just a daemon update.

Let’s proceed to the most important things for you to do before the fork to avoid any technical problems. The fork will be happening relatively fast after this announcement, we do know that, but we don’t think it’s necessary to wait any longer.

All your coins on exchanges should be safe as exchanges will cooperate with us with updating their wallets.

As a normal user you will have to update your wallet application before fork or at least don’t run old wallet/daemon after fork. As a miner you need to update your mining software.

Update wallets

If you used Titanium v3 wallet or CLI wallet or newer, all you need to do is to download the new wallet version (either GUI or CLI) and either overwrite your current wallet app folder content with the new one or extract it to a new directory and open your wallet files (.keys) from your current path (usually in your Documents\Stellite folder in Windows). Most of the time you will be just asked for your wallet password right away.

If you did used anything older than mentioned, rather restore from seed in new wallet.

You should not need anything else.

!Please be patient with new wallet/daemon run, there is upgrade of daemon database files scheduled and it have to finish first before daemon itself will start!

The new wallet is set to local daemon on default. If you would want to change that, check under ‘Settings — Node’ and set ‘Remote Node’ to one of known ones:, or (all on port 20189).

Be advised about “Wrong version” information which you can see if wallet is connected to non-updated remote node. Its only cosmetic issue and you can expect all remote nodes will be updated till fork.

Every locally synchronized daemon helps Stellite network so if you have a chance - synchronize yourself please.

The CLI wallet can also use remote nodes, you can enable it like this:
 stellite-wallet-cli.exe — daemon-host

All wallets are available at:



P.S. We do know about problematic History tab for some wallets, usually with enormous numbers of small TXs — when you click history tab, wallet starts to be extremely slow. For now only solution is to not click on History tab or move your funds to new wallet created. We will dive into this but we don’t want to postpone whole fork because of it anymore.

Update your mining software

As mentioned before in a previous article, you will need to update your mining software. For now, our XTL-stak (CPU + AMD + nVidia) is ready to support the Stellite team with percentage of your mining hashrate. You can also use SRBminer (AMD only) , xmrigcc (CPU and AMD). Other miner devs will follow up soon hopefully.

You can check out more in-depth mining tips on:

XTL-STAK is available here:

Updated StelliteGUI miner is available here:




Support for your favorite development team

Because we decided against the implementation of a governance fee, we would like to ask you to support the future development and grow of Stellite project. Feel free to contribute on our new page.

Happy fork to you, Stellite community!

P.S. We don’t expect that the first block of V5 will be mined all too quickly because a lot of network hashrate will be gone initially and resetting the difficulty is quite dangerous. So, all hashrate you could send our way will help a LOT with successful and quick transition to V5.

Thanks and stay tuned!