Stellite computer mining — GUI miner

If you never mined before, we created Easy to Use GUI Miner based on two probably most used mining solutions.

You can download GUI miner at

From mining perspective, you only have to decide if you want to mine only with CPU or with GPU and CPU at once. This selection affects version you will choose and of cause your mining hashrate.

Selection of your GUI miner version

Whole process is just straight forwarded as practically only thing you are required to do is to exclude folder with GUI miner from your antivirus (as miners are usually false detected to be viruses — because of direct access to low level system components and HW).

From configuration perspective you need only your Stellite wallet and select pool on which you would like to mine. Always best for any cryptocurrency mining is not to choose largest pool available — otherwise, there is danger of pool larger than 51% of network hashrate, which can result in problems in network.

We appreciate original miner software developers, so we left 1% dev fee for them. We added 1% of dev fee for Stellite developers. So if you want to support Stellite, this is one way to do it.

If you would need any help with mining, contact us at



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