Stellite Monthly Update — November 2018

The next fork, redesigning Stellite and a story about StellitePay

The past two months were all about Adamantium V5

Stellite has a stellar history in respect to hardforks.
Due to the inclusion of Bulletproofs and the 5 minute block time, the V5 fork was very critical.

Immense private and public testing was done. 
A good amount of bugs were catched and fixed over the past two months.

We are happy to announce that the last preparations and the extended period of fixing and troubleshooting are coming to end.
More details about the block height and date will follow.

V5 Adamantium’s features:

  • 5 Minute block time
  • New features from XMR upstream
  • Bulletproofs
  • A new GUI wallet

For more details on V5’s features, please revisit


The redesign process is well underway. 
After revealing the current development of the GUI miner and mobile miner UI, we opened the new website to the public.

The idea of the whole redesign was to make Stellite easier to use, understand and recognize.
For example, we often read that Stellite is doing mobile mining only.
Stellite is also developing an online payment gateway which provides immediate transactions supported by a Point of Sale system.

Mining apps for desktop and mobile devices are also part of the Stellite toolkit. And for last but not least IPFS and ZeroNet are used to enhance the security aspects of the Stellite network.

To be more transparent, the roadmap was switched with insights into the current status of the development. This way we can also ensure that each developer has enough time to meet our quality standards.

The team section was removed. Some of the developers want to remain anonymous and we respect their wish. Those who are interested in the team and community structure can see it in the current discord structure.

We are also very happy about the feedback you gave us. We will keep improving the website based on it and add other features as well.

The story about the creation of StellitePay & a new logo

Recently, the StellitePay developers revealed the story about how they turned a dice game for testing the transactions into a payment gateway.

StellitePay also changed the logo to bring it in line with the new branding. You can view it on the StellitePay twitter for example.

Stellite is now on DeltaDirect

Delta chose Stellite as one of 120 current participants for DeltaDirect!
You can now see the Stellite updates in your Delta app.

Download Delta:

Thank you for your feedback! Every contribution helps us to improve.