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At SACNAS, we are supporting success in STEM for under-served and under-represented communities. We build bridges of opportunity by connecting talented people to career and academic resources. Our community provides support, inspiration and a place of belonging with the goal of creating a more diverse STEM workforce.

We created STEM + Culture Chronicle to serve as our writing home celebrating the intersection of science, culture, and community. Our goal is to provide original content written by and about STEM students and professionals of color (and our allies) that speak to issues we care about. We are looking for stories that inform, inspire, and sustain us in our pursuit of STEM, leadership, and social change.

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Our audience is interested in the intersection of STEM + diversity. Here are some topics we explore through that lens.


  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Research by scientists of color
  • Academic development
  • Professional development
  • Current events & policy
  • Culture & Community

Now that you’ve seen the topics, remember that most of the time these stories come back to personal narratives about what have you learned on your journey in STEM. Sharing our own stories, and those of others, can be both powerful and validating. Sometimes reading the story of someone’s personal journey can spark an insight for our own path.

The Pitch

Please pitch in advance. To help us support content that is accurate, relevant, and timely, we work with an Editorial Advisory Board that provides peer-review for feature-length article pitches.

In your pitch give us a clear idea of what you want to write about. How does it relate to our audience? Why is it important? How does it connect to the intersection of diversity & STEM? For feature articles, include data, sources, and relevant research that you will utilize. Pitches should be 150–200 words max.

Note: Articles written to highlight a specific program, product or service or which serve as an endorsement are not a good fit for this publication. However, specific programs may be mentioned if placed within a broader, national, or theme-related context and accompanied by examples of other such programs.

Types of Articles

Profiles/Interviews/Q&As 500–1,000 words

Personal stories and insights — 800–1,000 words

Feature length articles — 1,500–2,000 words

Short Stories — 500-100 words or less

Send us your pitch!