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Sheeva Azma: Freelance Science Writer, Science Communicator, and Digital Content Strategist

“Science is amazing!”

As an avid science geek, Sheeva Azma loves breaking down the complex world of science for the people. She has ten years of research experience at institutes such as MIT and Georgetown, and recently started her own science writing and digital communications company, Fancy Comma, LLC.

My overall goal through my work is to help more people get interested in and develop a love of science, like I have.

Fancy Comma, LLC. started about a month before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, Sheeva has been working towards making an impact in explaining important COVID-19 science to the general public.

Sheeva continues to be a life-long student to the field of science, she and her team are devoted to communicating science in the best, most engaging ways possible.

I want to remain a lifelong learner of STEAM, and help others gain understanding into the complexities of science that they may never have had to think about in their everyday life. In the pandemic, I have worked to explain important COVID-19 science in a way that is easy-to-understand for the general public. Science and society must be in conversation if we wish to advance both.

Her passion for science goes to selfless lengths, reaching the pandemic and beyond. Science communication has proven to be of extreme importance in this era, and Sheeva aims to make her dent in sharing the importance of SciComm, as well as participate in helping others across STEM hone their own skills in science communication.

I hope to continue to lead the discussion of the importance of science communication training for scientists in graduate and undergraduate programs, and even at the K-12 level. As the pandemic has shown us, understanding science is key to surmounting national and global challenges.

Sheeva’s warmth and brilliance always brings a sense of connection to the SciComm community — she’s a motivator!

You can usually find her blogging on Fancy Comma, LLC., about science communication, science policy, digital marketing, entrepreneurship and lots more. Unfortunately, Sheeva’s pre-pandemic hobbies have been put on pause, so for now she spends time with nature, listening to music, and reading… we’ll get through this!

Learn more about Sheeva’s outreach with Fancy Comma LLC.:





Twitter: @FancyComma/@SheevaAzma

Instagram: @FancyComma

Facebook: @FancyCommaLLC



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STEM First! Gen.

STEM First! Gen.


Initiative to highlight first generation STEM and science communication enthusiasts. Founded by Monique Boodram @agentmfaith.