Coded by Kids Partners with STEMchain to Accept STEM Coin

Philadelphia-based Coded by Kids will begin accepting STEM Coin to help fund CommonSpace Program.

We’re proud to parter with a fellow Philadelphia-based STEM organization, one accomplished and respected within our community. With the summer approaching and school years coming to an end, Coded by Kids‘ CommonSpace program provides a place for continued learning.

Partnering with STEMchain will help Coded by Kids leverage an ever-growing cryptocurrency market currently valued at over $346B USD(1) to provide free tech education, tech industry exposure and career mentorship to children who lack access to these opportunities.

Coded by Kids will utilize STEMchain’s EcosySTEM platform to build awareness and connect with donors, by accepting crypto funds capable of providing enhanced transparency.

STEM Coin inherently provides the highest level of security and trust through the latest blockchain technology, where encrypted transactions become public record. Additionally, as a partner organization, Coded by Kids has agreed to adhere to the “Crypto STEM Initiative 100% Guarantee”, whereby Coded by Kids will only use received STEM Coin funds for their intended mission— specifically towards their CommonSpace initiative described below.

As an early adopter of STEMchain, Coded by Kids will immediately benefit from a matching donation program where STEMchain will match 1 for 1 each coin received by Coded by Kids, from its finite matching pool.

About Coded by Kids

Coded by Kids builds citywide tech education systems that use project based learning and mentorship to empower underserved youth to pursue opportunities in tech. Their programs currently reach hundreds of students annually in schools and community spaces across the greater Philadelphia region.

Coded by Kids’ CommonSpace program is designed to expose Philadelphia’s students to skills like web development, software engineering, and project management. CommonSpace turns community spaces into innovation education centers. The program runs weekly throughout the school year and summer break. The CommonSpace program serves students who want to continue to learn in their community once their school programs end. It also serves youth that don’t have access to Coded by Kids’ coding programs in their schools. Volunteer instructors from the tech community not only teach our students real-world tech concepts, but also become mentors for them as they develop as programmers and entrepreneurs.

“As a nonprofit teaching students cutting edge technology skills, we’re excited to partner with STEMchain as they push the boundaries of philanthropic giving.”
Sylvester Mobley, CEO of Coded by Kids

To learn more about Coded by Kids, visit their website linked here.

About STEMchain

STEMchain’s core objective is to create a more transparent funding modality for crypto holders to fund to STEM based organizations. STEMchain aims to increase and fortify the trust between a funder and the target organization while simultaneously providing a channel to the growing cryptocurrency market. Built on the Stellar Network, the STEMchain EcosySTEM is a platform for donors and organizations to connect. The Stellar Network provides donations that are fast, transparent, and inexpensive.

To learn more about STEMchain join our public STEMchain channel on Telegram, follow us on Twitter @stemchainio, or visit our website linked here.

(1)“Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations.” CoinMarketCap,