Get onboard Unified Commerce with Stentle

We need to talk. We know you are a nice guy, probably running some nice physical stores or a nice e-store and they are working fine separately. But things can be, and it has to be, much better than how it is now. Let us bring you to a better future.
source: Unified Commerce is the Goal, but “Faux” Omni-channel is the Reality! by BRPConsulting

The Transformation of Commerce

At the beginning, there was the multichannel commerce solution. Different business teams work on different business touchpoints. Then came the omnichannel solution. It was to figure out how to connect different channels, optimize and align the offers and customer experience among all existing business channels.

But it can be even better! Customers were still facing constraints when switching between the brick and mortar to the online worlds, and the retailers were still struggling to manage data sources in real-time. Now, after years of attempts and developments the market is ready to match and solve problems for both customers and businessmen.

The Unified Commerce

The main goal is to build an ultimate single platform where all data across different channels are integrated, managed and equally accessible. Connecting different channels (the omnichannel world) does not automatically lead to an holistic view of your data.You need to unify the orders, inventory and customers data using only one “language” to reach the holy grail of a real-time integrated system.

Why a Unified Solution

Wondering why you need to go through all of these? Two well-known figure will help you understand:

It costs 7 times as much to acquire a new customer as to maintain one
80% of the sales come from 20% of the people: are you able to identify them?

Do you think that your business is ready to take on the challenge? Do you identify some difficulties? In our next article, we’ll talk about some details on data. Stay tuned!

About Stentle

Stentle has just been born and already has a long story to tell. This is the paradox of having a team with over 40 years of experience in e-commerce, industry evolving towards new forms and solutions such as omnichannel dynamics.

The barriers between physical and online store are disappearing. The selling point as we understand it today will soon be transformed by tools that facilitate and support the shopping experience at every moment. The total union between reality and the virtual world. Stentle is leading this change, to redesign the store of tomorrow.