Powerful technologies for successful future stores

If you have read our last article: Game is on, are you aware?, you have probably been wondering how those “magic” could be done. Here are some hints for you.

1) Guest WiFi

If you still do not have it, this is arguably the first thing you should do before looking into other technologies. With relatively little investment, your customers’ experience will be improved and a huge amount of data of them will become available since then.

While some of them provide internet infrastructures themselves, most of the guest WiFi service companies only provide the software to build a guest WiFi network based on your own internet infrastructure. Few of them even provide nearby hotspot for you to use if you do not have internet connection in your stores. Most of the services in the market offer customizable captive portal and social media login so that you can collect and analyze your customers’ data. Few providers even claim that a guest wifi can be up-and-running within an hour.

This is the first step of collecting customer data.

2) In-store traffic analysis

Instead of simple people counting, advanced in-store traffic analysis solutions in the market are able to complete more complicated tasks. With Radio-frequency identification (RFID), iBeacons, Near Field Communication (NFC) and other micro-location technologies, in-store customer locating can be as accurate as 2–3 meters, with some expensive extreme cases down to 1–2 meter accuracy. Therefore, insightful information, such as reliable real-time customers routes, standing time, heat map, etc., can be drawn out to help shop manager understand customer behaviours and optimize staff routes.

Major traffic analysis solutions in the market work with the in-store WiFi data and the micro-location technologies mentioned above. Most of them provide their own beacon products and the others can integrate with other ones. An analysis system is always part of the offer. It can be used to view real-time customer behaviour and do proximity marketing campaigns, which we will talk about below.

This is the second step of collecting customer data.

In-store traffic analysis data can provide great insights to your business.

3) Customer identification

Via getting data from customers’ social media account and analyzing their real-time in-store behaviours, with the help of face recognition technology in some cases, customers can be identified by the store manager, with an accurate and complete customer profile linked to the e-commerce system. Then the manager can utilize integrated data to do much more to improve the experience and offer personalized promotions.

Connecting online and offline is the third step of collecting customer data.

4) Proximity marketing and campaigns

Customer in-store routes and their dwell time in front of different products are two useful data to play around for displaying products in stores and conduct real-time proximity marketing campaign.

With the technologies mentioned above, you will have a analysis system to manage proximity marketing campaigns. Setting the system to automatically send the customer a discount with triggering parameters like approaching distance, dwell time, etc., will lead to a lot more successful purchases.

On the other hand, with the data collected in stores, campaigns online can be more personalized as well to hit the right targets, ensuring a high conversion rate.

This is the final goal and benefits of leveraging customer data.

Of course, there are many more technologies out there to help you arm your stores, but these are the ones that we believe are highly beneficial and will be the fundamentals of future stores. If you have any different opinions or things to add, we are more than happy to have a deep conversation with you! We also have a lot of experience in helping brands and stores implement these killer techs.

BTW, If you want to grow your business ahead of your competitors, don’t hesitate to contact us! Want to have a taste of how we can help you? We’ll have another piece to talk about it. Stay tuned!

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