Don’t fight Amazon. Play differently

With a free two-hour home delivery, an infinite product catalogue to browse, strong refund and return policies and even an intelligent personal assistant, Amazon is probably at the moment the most difficult competitor in the fashion industry. So, if you think that it is impossible to challenge such a huge player, simply don’t do it! Make the most out of your assets to win over Amazon offer. Learn how.

Let your store be a safe harbour for your customers.

1) Real experiences

Once you accept that products are not the key, you should start to focus on your particular strengths. If you own a physical or digital store, you probably have constant contacts with your customers. You can have a direct and real relationship with them.

As basic as it sounds, looking after them in a direct way will make you their most regarded advisor, the one they can call when they need.

“Computers are still cold, even in 2017.”

2) A safe harbour

When looking for products, customers basically want to satisfy a basic need. So, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, just act as you have always done considering that every little gesture can make the difference in a person’s daily life (see point above). Why do customers go back to the same place several times in a life, even if it is for shopping, eating or vacation? Because they feel comfortable in that place, they fit in that situation and in the end they don’t have to explain every time who they are and what they like.

3) Conversational

People don’t want to be bothered by weak or confusing messages, especially when they are browsing a catalogue or analyzing a specific item. But they look for reassurance. They want to be supported and liked. This should become your primary occupation.

“Install a live chat on your website, or provide a whatsapp or messenger account to instantly reply to your customers’ enquiries.”

Be where your customers are! (most of the time connected on a messaging app!)

A live chat can help you to increase the conversion rate on your website.

4) Private shopping

Privacy is quite a broad concept. And sometimes it can be linked to exclusivity and uniqueness. This is one of those moments. Make some special events for your best and most recurrent clients. They will love to be engaged in such an intimate and quiet (only few people allowed per time) experiences.

5) Personalization

The rule is: don’t let me dress the same item of the person next to me. Customers always want to dress up uniquely. The 1-to-1 serving approach should start from the content you deliver through your newsletter to the items you show to returning visitors on your website.

“This kind of effort requires an automation setup in your CRM system and it can generate a huge return on your marketing investments in a short term.”

Now that you are more aware of your assets potential, are you ready to challenge Amazon and other marketplaces with great and personalized experiences? If you still miss some technologies in your store, read more on our last article Equipe your store and start to set up your spaceship for a seamless customer journey. And feel free to contact us for any enquiries or support.

About Stentle

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