The first Stentle design sprint for Future Retail

With the exaggeratedly shocking title, We don’t mean to trick you into reading this article. We only want to share our excitement with you. We just did our first-ever design sprint for future retail. And the outcome was promising!
We designed our own tools!

A Leap Towards Innovation

In Stentle, the company visions and business strategy are always improving. Innovation means all for an profitable two-year-old startup. The ambition to outstand in the market drove our CEO, Alexio Cassani, to make the decision: we try to leap towards business innovation. Stentle would land safely with a step further than others or break a leg. We were lucky (also worked hard enough) to come up with a vision of a better future for the retail industry. The time spent was worth it!

Our Own Process

It is not easy, especially in a startup, to ask 8 people to put all their work on hold and sit together for one thing, even though it is important. The sprint team is comprised of 2 project managers, 4 designers (one of which is also the sprint master), 1 engineer and 1 quality assurer.

Instead of following the guide provided by Google step by step, we took our own reality into consideration and designed our own sprint process. We tried to rethink about the future of retail and just out of our comfort zone.

Journey mapping!

Delightful Outcomes

The outcome was delightful. Not only was the output a valuable, foreseeing interconnected retail scenario and a draft concept with a light app prototype tested with 8 users, but the methodology adapted and adjusted was effective in stimulating innovation among participants.

  • 7 scenarios
  • 1 final concept
  • 1 prototype
  • 8 testers
  • 100 mins interviews
User testing the prototype!

All these numbers together tell the story of our sprint. Besides, all participants are getting familiar and comfortable with the methodology after the experiment. It is ridiculous to say people are comfortable to jump out of their comfort zone, but they are getting there.

Inheritable Experience

A mistake some of the methodology practitioners make is that they stop while the sprint ends. We have been aware of the importance to maintain and utilise the outcome. The scenarios are documented into an archive and the concept and the prototype are in good hands for further development. And in fact, they have already been used as a base for another client project.

The methodology also lives on in Stentle. We are already preparing for the next design Sprint which will have a different challenge and a different scope. It will be more about a specific project and the deliverables will be some validated parts of our Stentle platform.

Discussions never stop!

BTW, believing in the value of this kind of innovation workshops, Stentle would also like to share own experience and expertise with other like-minded adventurers to host their own sprint. If you are the one, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Stay tuned on our innovation activities!

About Stentle

Stentle has just been born and already has a long story to tell. This is the paradox of having a team with over 40 years of experience in e-commerce, industry evolving towards new forms and solutions such as omnichannel dynamics.

The barriers between physical and online store are disappearing. The selling point as we understand it today will soon be transformed by tools that facilitate and support the shopping experience at every moment. The total union between reality and the virtual world. Stentle is leading this change, to redesign the store tomorrow.