5 minute review of Tinder Gold

This is the description of Tinder Gold I was view

Okay, I’m writing today about Tinder Gold, which lets you see who already likes you on Tinder. That seems pretty useful actually. You might normally swipe left on someone, but if you know they liked you, would you swipe right? Dang, that’s actually an deep psychological question. Ignoring that for a hot second. Let’s look more at their description.

“We know you.” No, you don’t. But it is true that we live in a world where everyone believes that every moment counts and speed equals success (not true for people in other parts of the world, btw). At this point, Tinder Gold sounds like fast food romance. Wow, it brings all your pending matches to you. Make every swipe count. Seriously, it doesn’t matter. This sounds like they’re pitching Tinder Gold for some business bro, who’s looking for a quick smash and run. What happened Tinder? You used to be fun. You used to run ads about my mom wanting to use my Tinder. The fuck?

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