Charts: Exclusive in Settle Up for Windows

Settle Up is an app for everybody who needs to track shared expenses. It’s perfect for travelers, flatmates and friends who don’t want to argue over who should pay next or who owes whom. The app always shows what the current balances are and how to settle the debts. It is available for Android, iOS (redesigned version in beta), web and Windows.

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In this post, I would like to summarize some of the features which are new or somewhat unique to the Windows version of the app.

Better overview with charts

Charts are the newest and most unique addition to the Windows app. They give you a great summary about how much you spent in total or in a given period. They work best if you set a category for each transaction. This then gives you a nice overview about how much your group spent on each category.


At the moment there are three charts:

  • Bar chart showing breakdown by period (typically per month)
  • Pie chart showing amounts spent by category
  • Pie chart showing amounts spent by each member

More space

One case when the Windows app really shines is the use of the screen real estate. Compared to smartphones, devices with Windows generally have larger screens so the users expect the app to take advantage of the extra space. A great example of how the Windows version of Settle Up uses screen space is the transaction dialog. When there is enough room, adding an expense can be done on a single screen — it’s as simple as entering the amount and hitting save.

New expense on a large screen

Advanced scenarios are covered by the app as well. You can

  • Split the expenses by amounts or weights
  • Have multiple people pay
  • Enter transfers (when you give money to someone) and incomes (when you receive money back, e.g. from a hotel)
  • Enter expenses in any world currency and have the exchange rate set automatically (but you can set a custom one)
  • Add receipt photos
  • Set categories

Cortana tells you who should pay next

Settle Up now works with three voice assistents — Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana. All you need to say is “Ask Settle Up who should pay” and the assistant will tell you out loud who should pay next. If you have multiple groups the last one you opened in the app will be used, or you can specify its name in your question, e.g. “Ask Settle Up who should pay in ‘Skiing’”.

Cortana | Alexa | Google Assistant

Finishing a group

After you are finished with your group (e.g. when you come back from your trip) you can do several things:

  • Delete or leave the group
  • Archive it, which still lets you preview it anytime later
  • Start a similar group (this copies the same members and permissions into a new group)
  • Export all your data as txt and csv files for further analysis (e.g. in Excel)
Start a similar group

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