How cooking is the perfect metaphor for relationships

My boyfriend and I recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary. But don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about my feelings (too much).

I can’t claim to be relationship expert (or novice), since this is the only relationship I’ve ever had. What I can teach you is a simple (yet effective) way to test a relationship.

I’m not really a romantic, and a long term relationship means teamwork to me. It isn’t always flashy and exciting in a movie-type way, but is consistent. And I have a way to see how well a couple works together, and test the likelihood that they stay together (in a totally not actually scientific way).

The secret? Cook together. Get a couple in kitchen, and watch what happens. I love food, so maybe it’s no surprise that I think the kitchen can be a metaphor for life. Whether you’re a total kitchen newbie or a top chef, working in the kitchen with someone else will test your teamwork.

Bonus points if it’s a really tiny kitchen.

Each day i look forward to cooking with Spencer, and I think it’s all very symbolic of the relationship as a whole. Here’s how:

You won’t always get your favorite meal

We try to only cook meals we are both excited about, but it’s bound to happen than someone loves a recipe more than the other person. I’m not advocating for forcing your significant other to eat meals they hate, but sometimes you’ll make sacrifices in the name of love

Each has their own role

This is less established with a new recipe, but for our go-to dinners we each have our unofficially assigned tasks. We can each perfect our work in individual areas, and the whole of the meal is made better by the individual components being the best they can be

It will get hot, things will burn, and messes will be made

Even though we’ve cooked together a ton of times, Spencer and I in the kitchen are not always a well oiled machine. Sometimes everything is just off. The pizza dough sticks to the pan, the topping slide off, things burn, and the end product isn’t that pretty. But you just have to laugh. Revel in the misshapen pizzas and burnt bagels because you’ve been able to enjoy perfect plates of pasta and their day will come again.

I’ve seen couples that argue in the kitchen, and couples that work in synchronized silence. Every couple will have days of each, but cooking together will always reveal the dynamic of the relationship. Plus, you get to eat at the end of your experiment.