Disrupting Supermarkets/Retail: Amazon Fresh

Yesterday Amazon started its online delivery service for food products in some areas of Berlin and Potsdam (both in Germany) called “Amazon Fresh”.

This is how a delivery could look like. (Source: Amazon / Internet World Business)

So why will this disrupt classical supermarkets? Here some facts about the service:

  • More than 85.000 goods available. A good German supermarket offers around 12.000 goods (only).
  • Flexible delivery options from Monday till Sunday within 2 hours and even at the same day.
  • Pic up delivery option from 5 am till 10 pm at a secure location.
  • Besides fresh vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, milk and other refrigerated products it offers 6.000 organic food products from one of the biggest German organic supermarket (Basic).
  • More than 100 products of local Berlin stores like Lindner Esskultur, Rausch Schokoladenhaus Berlin, Sagers Kaffeerösterei, Zeit für Brot.
  • Available for Amazon Prime members (Amazons premium service with a large variety of services for only € 69/year) for € 9.99/month
A worker is picking goods in the warehouse. (Source: Amazon / Internet World Business)

So, families and busy workers can do their weekly shopping for daily consumer products online via the Amazon smartphone app.

I really think that the classical way of shopping even FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) has already been changed. This new service by Amazon will be also a big leap forward into our bright future of ubiquitous digital possibilities.

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