Let’s Disrupt Newspapers! Sony’s “Digital Paper” comes to late.

Have you seen this?


When I was a student of media business — 2003 to 2008 — already the idea came out to digitize newspapers. Like, you have a plastic foil folded down in your pocket. When you pull it out and open it like a traditional newspaper, then you will read your personalized news. Tada, downloaded from where you want. No flix, no hassle, instantly.

Now, almost ten years later Sony is throwing its new “Digital Paper” onto the market. For $ 699!


Hm, from my perspective a little bit to late and way to expensive.
There are iPads and smartphones in everybody’s pocket. Now we also know from December on we can buy a HomePod if we didn’t have bought an Echo yet, to get all the news we want, by telling an AI to speak them to us.

So why I do need to buy a “Digital Paper” by Sony? I don’t!

Why I do want to hit the newsstand and by a newspaper? Because I love paper. And I somehow insist on it, when I am traveling.

Truly, newspapers aren’t dead yet and I would love to disrupt them, because I don’t like their news apps wich push you into a subscription, just for reading an article. So let’s disrupt them!

What we would need for that? And how we gonna do that?

One disruptor here in Germany could be Blendle DE from the Netherlands. It’s a (curated) news app wich brings in almost all newspapers and magazines. Of course you can design your wish list/reading list of them. Now comes the newspaper killer: For every article you choose to read, you are going to pay a micro price like € 0,99. Now after you’ve read the article you can decide if the price/payment is reasonable. If you didn’t like the article you get your money back. What’s that? Disrupting newspapers.

Do you have any ideas how we could disrupt any newspapers? Feel free to do so and don’t tell me, and then come out of your stealth mode. Or, just tell me! ;-)